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    • Comprehensive Settlement Planning in the MacKenzie River Delta, N.W.T.: A Proposed Planning Theory and Methodology (Northwest Territories) 

      Aasen, Clarence T. (University of Waterloo, 1967)
      The arctic and subarctic regions of Canada are increasingly developing as integral, participating parts of the total Canadian and world scene. Basic to this development in the North are the human, natural physical, and ...
    • Gaits and Their Development in the Infraorder Pecora 

      Dagg, Anne Innis (University of Waterloo, 1967-02)
      The gaits of twenty-eight species of the Infraorder Pecora are analyzed from motion picture sequences comprising over 45,000 frames. For each gait the percentage time spent on the various supporting legs during each stride ...
    • The electrostatic potential in a finite ionic crystal 

      Redlack, Austin (University of Waterloo, 1972-11-01)
      This thesis is written in two parts. In Part One, we develop a new method for evaluating three dimensional lattice summations and apply it to the evaluation of the electrostatic potential of a finite ionic crystal. We then ...
    • Contributions to the study of general relativistic shear-free perfect fluids: an approach involving Cartan's equivalence method, differential forms and symbolic computation 

      Lang, Jérôme Michel (University of Waterloo, 1993)
      It has been conjectured that general relativistic shear-free perfect fluids with a barotropic equation of state, and such that the energy density, µ, and the pressure, p, satisfy µ + p ̸= 0, cannot simultaneously be rotating ...
    • City Core Neighbourhoods Designed for Sustainability 

      Walker, Judith (University of Waterloo, 1993)
      Humankind's ability to ensure sustainability of the biosphere depends upon the integrated and concerted efforts of all peoples in all places. This study examines the critical need to focus on the achievement of sustainability ...
    • Logic in Pictures: An Examination of Diagrammatic Representations, Graph Theory and Logic 

      Hawley, Derik (University of Waterloo, 1994)
      This thesis explores the various forms of reasoning that are associated with diagrams. It does this by a logical analysis of diagrammatic symbols. The thesis is divided into three sections dealing with different aspects ...
    • Occurrent Contractarianism: A Preference-Based Ethical Theory 

      Murray, Malcolm (University of Waterloo, 1995)
      There is a problem within contractarian ethics that I wish to resolve. It concerns individualpreferences. Contractarianism holds that morality, properly conceived, can satisfy individualpreferences and interests better ...
    • An Inquiry into Mental Variation 

      Kujundzic, Nebojsa (University of Waterloo, 1995)
      Although there are both common and specialised senses of the term variation, (the OED lists dozens) there seems to be no well defined use of this term in philosophy. The main task of my thesis is to demonstrate that ...
    • Normalizing the Ideal: Psychology, the School, and the Family in Post-World War II 

      Gleason, Mona Lee (University of Waterloo, 1996)
      'Psychology and the Construction of the 'Normal' Family in Postwar Canada, 1945-1960,' investigates the manner in which psychological discourse constructed notions of the normal postwar family in Canada. Despite their ...
    • Effcient Simulation of Message-Passing in Distributed-Memory Architectures 

      Demaine, Erik (University of Waterloo, 1996)
      In this thesis we propose a distributed-memory parallel-computer simulation system called PUPPET (Performance Under a Pseudo-Parallel EnvironmenT). It allows the evaluation of parallel programs run in a pseudo-parallel ...
    • The Tracing of a Contaminant (Tritium) from Candu Sources: Lake Ontario 

      King, Karen June (University of Waterloo, 1997)
      In any research program we begin with a hypothesis and when our expected results do not concur with the observed results we must try and understand the dynamics behind the changed process. In this study we were trying ...
    • Simulated Overloading using Generic Functions in Scheme 

      Cox, Anthony (University of Waterloo, 1997)
      This thesis investigates extending the dynamically-typed, functional programming language Scheme, with simulated overloading in order to permit the binding of multiple, distributed defnitions to function names. Overloading ...
    • An Exhibition of Painting, Sculpture and Video 

      Baker, Charles (University of Waterloo, 1997)
      This M. F. A. thesis exhibition consists of painting, sculpture, and video completed over the last five months. In support of the exhibition, an artist's statement outlines my exploration of the interaction between ...
    • Grid Filters for Local Nonlinear Image Restoration 

      Veldhuizen, Todd (University of Waterloo, 1998)
      A new approach to local nonlinear image restoration is described, based on approximating functions using a regular grid of points in a many-dimensional space. Symmetry reductions and compression of the sparse grid make ...
    • Classification of Nilpotent Lie Algebras of Dimension 7 (over Algebraically Closed Field and R) 

      Gong, Ming-Peng (University of Waterloo, 1998)
      This thesis is concerned with the classification of 7-dimensional nilpotent Lie algebras. Skjelbred and Sund have published in 1977 their method of constructing all nilpotent Lie algebras of dimension <i>n</i> given those ...
    • Some Problems in One-Operator Scheduling 

      Baki, Mohammed Fazle (University of Waterloo, 1999)
      A flexible workforce or a versatile machine is employed to perform various types of operations. Often these resources are associated with setups. Whenever a worker or machine switches from processing one type of operation ...
    • Multi-Resolution Approximate Inverses 

      Bridson, Robert (University of Waterloo, 1999)
      This thesis presents a new preconditioner for elliptic PDE problems on unstructured meshes. Using ideas from second generation wavelets, a multi-resolution basis is constructed to effectively compress the inverse of the ...
    • Folding Orthogonal Polyhedra 

      Sun, Julie (University of Waterloo, 1999)
      In this thesis, we study foldings of orthogonal polygons into orthogonal polyhedra. The particular problem examined here is whether a paper cutout of an orthogonal polygon with fold lines indicated folds up into a simple ...
    • Coherent Beta Risk Measures for Capital Requirements 

      Wirch, Julia Lynn (University of Waterloo, 1999)
      This thesis compares insurance premium principles with current financial risk paradigms and uses distorted probabilities, a recent development in premium principle literature, to synthesize the current models for financial ...
    • Differential Equations and Depth First Search for Enumeration of Maps in Surfaces 

      Brown, Daniel (University of Waterloo, 1999)
      A map is an embedding of the vertices and edges of a graph into a compact 2-manifold such that the remainder of the surface has components homeomorphic to open disks. With the goal of proving the Four Colour Theorem, ...


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