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    • A Ray Optics Framework for the Computation of The Sieve Effect Factor for Blood 

      Northam, Lesley (University of Waterloo, 2010-01-20)
      Light may traverse a turbid material, such as blood, without encountering any of its pigment particles, a phenomenon known as sieve effect. This phenomenon may result in a decrease in the amount of light absorbed by the ...
    • Rayleigh Property of Lattice Path Matroids 

      Xu, Yan (University of Waterloo, 2015-09-22)
      In this work, we studied the class of lattice path matroids $\mathcal{L}$, which was first introduced by J.E. Bonin. A.D. Mier, and M. Noy in [\ref{Bonin 2002}]. Lattice path matroids are transversal, and $\mathcal{L}$ is ...
    • Reach-Bounded, Non-Linear Input Amplification for More Comfortable Virtual Reality 

      Wentzel, Johann (University of Waterloo, 2020-04-30)
      Input amplification enables easier movement in virtual reality (VR) for users with mobility issues or in confined spaces. However, current techniques either do not focus on maintaining feelings of body ownership, or are ...
    • React++: A Lightweight Actor Framework in C++ 

      Khan, Md Navid Alvee (University of Waterloo, 2020-09-28)
      Distributed software remains susceptible to data races and poor scalability because of the widespread use of locks and other low-level synchronization primitives. Furthermore, using this programming approach is known to ...
    • Real equiangular lines and related codes 

      Winnick, Samuel (University of Waterloo, 2020-01-24)
      We consider real equiangular lines and related codes. The driving question is to find the maximum number of equiangular lines in a given dimension. In the real case, this is controlled by combinatorial phenomena, and until ...
    • Real-time Elective Admissions Planning for Health Care Providers 

      Zhu, George (University of Waterloo, 2013-01-23)
      Efficient management of patient admissions plays a critical role in increasing a hospital's resource utilization and reducing health care costs. We consider the problem of fi nding the best available admission policy for ...
    • Realizing Surface Driven Flows in the Primitive Equations 

      Bembenek, Eric (University of Waterloo, 2014-08-27)
      The surface quasi-geostrophic (SQG) model describes the evolution of buoyancy at vertical boundaries in the limit of infinitesimal Rossby number. In this regime, the quasi-geostrophic approximations are expected to hold. ...
    • Realizing surface driven flows in the primitive equations 

      Bembenek, Eric; Poulin, Francis J; Waite, Michael L (American Meteorological Society, 2015-05)
      The surface quasigeostrophic (SQG) model describes flows with surface buoyancy perturbations with no interior quasigeostrophic potential vorticity at small Rossby number Ro and O(1) Burger number, where quasigeostrophic ...
    • Reasoning about Benefits and Costs of Interaction with Users in Real-time Decision Making Environments with Application to Healthcare Scenarios 

      Jung, Hyunggu (University of Waterloo, 2010-08-11)
      This thesis examines the problem of having an intelligent agent reasoning about interaction with users in real-time decision making environments. Our work is motivated by the models of Fleming and Cheng, which reason about ...
    • Reasoning About Foreign Function Interfaces: Blame and Nondeterministic Formal Semantics 

      Turcotte, Alexi (University of Waterloo, 2018-08-31)
      Foreign function interfaces (FFIs) are commonly used as a way to mix programming languages. In such systems, a program written in a host language calls functions written in a guest language from within the same program. ...
    • Recipes for Resistance: A Censorship Circumvention Cookbook 

      Bocovich, Cecylia (University of Waterloo, 2018-08-16)
      The increasing centralization of Internet infrastructure and web services, along with advancements in the application of machine learning techniques to analyze and classify network traffic, have enabled the growth and ...
    • Recognizing Even-Cycle and Even-Cut Matroids 

      Heo, Cheolwon (University of Waterloo, 2016-04-27)
      Even-cycle and even-cut matroids are classes of binary matroids that generalize respectively graphic and cographic matroids. We give algorithms to check membership for these classes of matroids. We assume that the matroids ...
    • Recognizing Structural Nonidentifiability: When Experiments Do Not Provide Information About Important Parameters and Misleading Models Can Still Have Great Fit 

      Schmidt, Philip J.; Emelko, Monica B.; Thompson, Mary E. (Wiley, 2020-02)
      In the quest to model various phenomena, the foundational importance of parameter identifiability to sound statistical modeling may be less well appreciated than goodness of fit. Identifiability concerns the quality of ...
    • Recommender Systems for Personalized Gamification 

      Fortes Tondello, Gustavo; Orji, Rita; Nacke, Lennart (ACM, 2017-07-09)
      Gamification has been used in a variety of application domains to promote behaviour change. Nevertheless, the mechanisms behind it are still not fully understood. Recent empirical results have shown that personalized ...
    • Recommending messages to users in participatory media environments: a Bayesian credibility approach 

      Sardana, Noel (University of Waterloo, 2014-04-09)
      In this thesis, we address the challenge of information overload in online participatory messaging environments using an artificial intelligence approach drawn from research in multiagent systems trust modeling. In particular, ...
    • Reconfiguring Graph Colorings 

      Vaidyanathan, Krishna (University of Waterloo, 2017-08-29)
      Graph coloring has been studied for a long time and continues to receive interest within the research community \cite{kubale2004graph}. It has applications in scheduling \cite{daniel2004graph}, timetables, and compiler ...
    • Reconfiguring Triangulations 

      Pathak, Vinayak (University of Waterloo, 2015-01-06)
      The results in this thesis lie at the confluence of triangulations and reconfiguration. We make the observation that certain solved and unsolved problems about triangulations can be cast as reconfiguration problems. We ...
    • Reconstructing hv-convex polyominoes with multiple colours 

      Bains, Adam (University of Waterloo, 2009-08-26)
      This thesis examines the problem of reconstructing multiple discrete 2D objects, represented by a set of cells arranged in an m × n grid, from their projections. The objects being constructed are disjoint, hv-convex ...
    • Reconstruction and Visualization of Polyhedra Using Projections 

      Hasan, Masud (University of Waterloo, 2005)
      Two types of problems are studied in this thesis: reconstruction and visualization of polygons and polyhedra. <br /><br /> Three problems are considered in reconstruction of polygons and polyhedra, given a set of ...
    • Reconstruction of Half-Sibling Population Structures 

      Dexter, Daniel (University of Waterloo, 2012-10-25)
      Half-sibling reconstruction is the task of determining maternal and paternal sibling relationships from observed genotypes of same-generation individuals in a population. Knowledge of how populations are structured allows ...


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