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  • Assessing Binary Measurement Systems Using Targeted Verification with a Gold Standard 

    Severn, Daniel Ernest (University of Waterloo, 2017-05-19)
    Binary Measurement Systems (BMS) are used to classify objects into two categories. Sometimes the categories represent some intrinsically dichotomous characteristic of the object, but sometimes continuous or even multidimensional ...
  • A Dynamic Risk-Based Access Control Approach: Model and Implementation 

    Savinov, Sergey (University of Waterloo, 2017-05-18)
    Access control (AC) refers to mechanisms and policies that restrict access to resources, thus regulating access to physical or virtual resources of an information system. AC approaches are used to represent these mechanisms ...
  • Efficient Pointer Analysis of Java in Logic 

    Thiessen, Rei (University of Waterloo, 2017-05-16)
    Points-to analysis for Java benefits greatly from context sensitivity. CFL-reachability and k-limited context strings are two approaches to obtaining context sensitivity with different advantages: CFL-reachability ...
  • Geometrical frustration and static correlations in hard-sphere glass formers 

    Charbonneau, Benoit; Charbonneau, Patrick; Tarjus, Gilles (American Institute of Physics, 2013-03-28)
    We analytically and numerically characterize the structure of hard-sphere fluids in order to review various geometrical frustration scenarios of the glass transition. We find generalized polytetrahedral order to be correlated ...
  • Geometrical Frustration and Static Correlations in a Simple Glass Former 

    Charbonneau, Benoit; Charbonneau, Patrick; Tarjus, Gilles (American Physical Society, 2012-01-18)
    We study the geometrical frustration scenario of glass formation for simple hard-sphere models. We find that the dual picture in terms of defects brings little insight and no theoretical simplification for the understanding ...
  • Computing with Multi-Row Intersection Cuts 

    Xavier, Alinson Santos (University of Waterloo, 2017-05-16)
    Cutting planes are one of the main techniques currently used to solve large-scale Mixed-Integer Linear Programming (MIP) models. Many important cuts used in practice, such as Gomory Mixed-Integer (GMI) cuts, are obtained ...
  • Dimensional dependence of the Stokes-Einstein relation and its violation 

    Charbonneau, Benoit; Charbonneau, Patrick; Jin, Yuliang; Parisi, Giorgio; Zamponi, Francesco (American Institute of Physics, 2013-10-28)
    We generalize to higher spatial dimensions the Stokes-Einstein relation (SER) as well as the leading correction to diffusivity in finite systems with periodic boundary conditions, and validate these results with numerical ...
  • Multimaterial Mesh-Based Surface Tracking 

    Da, Fang; Batty, Christopher; Grinspun, Eitan (Association for Computing Machinery, 2014-07-01)
    We present a triangle mesh-based technique for tracking the evolution of three-dimensional multimaterial interfaces undergoing complex deformations. It is the first non-manifold triangle mesh tracking method to simultaneously ...
  • Regional Time Stepping for SPH 

    Goswami, Prashant; Batty, Christopher (The Eurographics Association, 2014)
    This paper presents novel and efficient strategies to spatially adapt the amount of computational effort applied based on the local dynamics of a free surface flow, for classic weakly compressible SPH (WCSPH). Using a ...
  • Double Bubbles Sans Toil and Trouble: Discrete Circulation-Preserving Vortex Sheets for Soap Films and Foams 

    Da, Fang; Batty, Christopher; Wojtan, Chris; Grinspun, Eitan (Association for Computing Machinery, 2015-08-01)
    Simulating the delightful dynamics of soap films, bubbles, and foams has traditionally required the use of a fully three-dimensional many-phase Navier-Stokes solver, even though their visual appearance is completely dominated ...
  • Continuum Foam: A Material Point Method for Shear-Dependent Flows 

    Yue, Yonghao; Smith, Breannan; Batty, Christopher; Zheng, Changxi; Grinspun, Eitan (Association for Computing Machinery, 2015-10-01)
    We consider the simulation of dense foams composed of microscopic bubbles, such as shaving cream and whipped cream. We represent foam not as a collection of discrete bubbles, but instead as a continuum. We employ the ...
  • A Practical Method for High-Resolution Embedded Liquid Surfaces 

    Goldade, Ryan; Batty, Christopher; Wojtan, Chris (Wiley, 2016-05-01)
    Combining high-resolution level set surface tracking with lower resolution physics is an inexpensive method for achieving highly detailed liquid animations. Unfortunately, the inherent resolution mismatch introduces several ...
  • Preserving Geometry and Topology for Fluid Flows with Thin Obstacles and Narrow Gaps 

    Azevedo, Vinicius C.; Batty, Christopher; Oliveira, Manuel M. (Association for Computing Machinery, 2016-07-01)
    Fluid animation methods based on Eulerian grids have long struggled to resolve flows involving narrow gaps and thin solid features. Past approaches have artificially inflated or voxelized boundaries, although this sacrifices ...
  • Surface-Only Liquids 

    Da, Fang; Hahn, David; Batty, Christopher; Wojtan, Chris; Grinspun, Eitan (Association for Computing Machinery, 2016-07-01)
    We propose a novel surface-only technique for simulating incompressible, inviscid and uniform-density liquids with surface tension in three dimensions. The liquid surface is captured by a triangle mesh on which a Lagrangian ...
  • A cell-centred finite volume method for the Poisson problem on non-graded quadtrees with second order accurate gradients 

    Batty, Christopher (Elsevier, 2017-02-15)
    This paper introduces a two-dimensional cell-centred finite volume discretization of the Poisson problem on adaptive Cartesian quadtree grids which exhibits second order accuracy in both "the solution and its gradients, ...
  • Static Types with Less Syntax: Locus Types 

    Domurad, Adam (University of Waterloo, 2017-05-01)
    Optionally and gradually-typed languages allow types to be introduced to dynamic code as needed. While this approach allows some gradual movement from dynamically to statically-typed code, it requires rewriting ...
  • Computing Matrix Canonical Forms of Ore Polynomials 

    Khochtali, Mohamed (University of Waterloo, 2017-05-01)
    We present algorithms to compute canonical forms of matrices of Ore polynomials while controlling intermediate expression swell. Given a square non-singular input matrix of Ore polynomials, we give an extension of the ...
  • Resource Management and Tuples in CⱯ 

    Schluntz, Robert (University of Waterloo, 2017-05-01)
    CⱯ is a modern, non-object-oriented extension of the C programming language. This thesis addresses several critical deficiencies of C, notably: resource management, a limited function-return mechanism, and unsafe variadic ...
  • The hydrodynamics of two-dimensional oscillating flows over ripples: the effect of asymmetries in ripple shape and currents 

    Wickramarachchi, Subasha (University of Waterloo, 2017-04-28)
    The research presented in this thesis involved consideration of three increasingly asymmetric oscillatory flows over two ripple profiles, one of which is asymmetric and represents a small deviation from a symmetric ripple. ...
  • Approximating Minimum-Size 2-Edge-Connected and 2-Vertex-Connected Spanning Subgraphs 

    Narayan, Vishnu Verambudi (University of Waterloo, 2017-04-27)
    We study the unweighted 2-edge-connected and 2-vertex-connected spanning subgraph problems. A graph is 2-edge-connected if it is connected on removal of an edge, and it is 2-vertex-connected if it is connected on removal ...

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