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    • Gain-Scheduled Control of a Quadcopter UAV 

      Sawyer, Shaun (University of Waterloo, 2015-07-28)
      In this thesis we develop a gain-scheduled control law for the quadcopter unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). Techniques from linear control theory are introduced and used to construct adaptive proportional and proportional-integral ...
    • Gaining Information About a Quantum Channel Via Twirling 

      Magesan, Easwar (University of Waterloo, 2008-07-31)
      Finding correctable encoding that protects against a quantum process is in general a difficult task. Two main obstacles are that an exponential number of experiments are needed to gain complete information about the quantum ...
    • Galerkin Finite Element Based Modeling of One Dimensional Packed Bed Reactor for Underground Coal Gasification (UCG) Process 

      Irum, Qudsiya; Khan, Shahid A.; Uppal, Ali; Krivodonova, Lilia (IEEE, 2020-12-11)
      Mathematical models of a complex physicochemical underground coal gasification process involve multidimensional non-linear partial differential equations (PDEs). Therefore, researchers always seek a suitable numerical ...
    • General Geometry Computed Tomography Reconstruction 

      Ramotar, Alexei (University of Waterloo, 2006)
      The discovery of Carbon Nanotubes and their ability to produce X-rays can usher in a new era in Computed Tomography (CT) technology. These devices will be lightweight, flexible and portable. The proposed device, currently ...
    • General Quadratic Risk Minimization: a Variational Approach 

      Zhu, Dian (University of Waterloo, 2016-07-05)
      Mean-variance portfolio selection and mean-variance hedging are mainstream research topics in mathematical nance, which can be subsumed within the framework of a general problem of quadratic risk minimization. We study ...
    • Generalisations of Roth's theorem on finite abelian groups 

      Naymie, Cassandra (University of Waterloo, 2012-12-18)
      Roth's theorem, proved by Roth in 1953, states that when A is a subset of the integers [1,N] with A dense enough, A has a three term arithmetic progression (3-AP). Since then the bound originally given by Roth has been ...
    • A Generalization of M/G/1 Priority Models via Accumulating Priority 

      Fajardo, Val Andrei (University of Waterloo, 2016-01-08)
      Priority queueing systems are oftentimes set up so that arriving customers are placed into one of $N$ distinct priority classes. Moreover, to determine the order of service, each customer (upon arriving to the system) is ...
    • A Generalization of the Discounted Penalty Function in Ruin Theory 

      Feng, Runhuan (University of Waterloo, 2008-08-21)
      As ruin theory evolves in recent years, there has been a variety of quantities pertaining to an insurer's bankruptcy at the centre of focus in the literature. Despite the fact that these quantities are distinct from each ...
    • Generalization on Text-based Games using Structured Belief Representations 

      Adhikari, Ashutosh Devendrakumar (University of Waterloo, 2020-12-23)
      Text-based games are complex, interactive simulations where a player is asked to process the text describing the underlying state of the world to issue textual commands for advancing in a game. Playing these games can be ...
    • A Generalization to Signed Graphs of a Theorem of Sergey Norin and Robin Thomas 

      Horrocks, Courtney (University of Waterloo, 2019-12-19)
      In this thesis we characterize the minimal non-planar extensions of a signed graph. We consider the following question: Given a subdivision of a planar signed graph (G, Σ), what are the minimal structures that can be added ...
    • Generalizations and Applications of the Stochastic Block Model to Basketball Games and Variable Selection Problems 

      Xin, Lu (University of Waterloo, 2017-01-24)
      Over the past decade, there has been an explosion of network data in a vast number of circumstances, such as the World Wide Web, social networks, gene interactions, economic networks, etc. Scientific analysis of networks ...
    • Generalizations of All-or-Nothing Transforms and their Application in Secure Distributed Storage 

      Nasr Esfahani, Navid (University of Waterloo, 2021-01-26)
      An all-or-nothing transform is an invertible function that maps s inputs to s outputs such that, in the calculation of the inverse, the absence of only one output makes it impossible for an adversary to obtain any information ...
    • Generalizations of the Gap Principle and the Thue-Siegel Principle, with Applications to Diophantine Equations 

      Mosunov, Anton (University of Waterloo, 2019-07-16)
      In this thesis we develop generalizations of two well-known principles from the theory of Diophantine approximation, namely the gap principle and the Thue-Siegel principle. Our results find their applications in the theory ...
    • Generalizations to Corrections of Measurement Error Effects for Dynamic Treatment Regimes 

      Spicker, Dylan (University of Waterloo, 2022-08-19)
      Measurement error is a pervasive issue in questions of estimation and inference. Generally, any data which are measured with error will render the results of an analysis which ignores this error unreliable. This is a ...
    • A Generalized Adversary Method for Quantum Query Complexity 

      Soiffer, Rory (University of Waterloo, 2022-05-20)
      Quantum query complexity measures the minimum number of queries a quantum algorithm needs to make to some input string to compute a function of that input. Query complexity models are widely used throughout quantum computing, ...
    • A Generalized Blending Scheme for Arbitrary Order of Continuity 

      Fang, Xiang (University of Waterloo, 2023-03-20)
      In this thesis, new templates and formulas of blending functions, schemes, and algorithms are derived for solving the scattered data interpolation problem. The resulting data fitting scheme interpolates the positions and ...
    • Generalized Complex Structures on Kodaira Surfaces 

      Hamilton, Jordan (University of Waterloo, 2014-08-05)
      In this thesis, we study generalized complex structures on Kodaira surfaces, which are non-K\"ahler surfaces that admit holomorphic symplectic structures. We show, in particular, that the moduli space of even-type generalized ...
    • Generalized GCDs as Applications of Vojta’s Conjecture 

      Pyott, Nolan (University of Waterloo, 2023-08-31)
      Starting with an analysis of the result that for any coprime integers a and b, and some ϵ > 0, we have eventually that gcd(a^n − 1,b^n − 1) < a^ϵn holds for all n, we are motivated to look for geometric reasons why this ...
    • The Generalized Method of Moments for Mixture and Mixed Models 

      Huang, Zhiyue (University of Waterloo, 2015-09-28)
      Mixture models can be found in a wide variety of statistical applications. However, undertaking statistical inference in mixture models, especially non-parametric mixture models, can be challenging. A general, or nonparametric, ...
    • Generalized Set and Graph Packing Problems 

      Romero, Jazmin (University of Waterloo, 2015-11-12)
      Many complex systems that exist in nature and society can be expressed in terms of networks (e.g., social networks, communication networks, biological networks, Web graph, among others). Usually a node represents an ...


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