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  • PEGylated MoSe2 Nanomaterials with Limited Oxidation via Femtosecond Laser Ablation for Photothermal Therapy 

    Ye, Fan; Fruehwald, Holly M.; TIAN, KAILI; Zandieh, Mohamad; Smith, Rodney; Sanderson, Joseph; Musselman, Kevin P. (American Chemical Society, 2024)
    MoSe2 nanomaterials are promising photothermal agents for non-invasive cancer treatment. Their surfaces usually need to be functionalized with biocompatible polymers to improve their biocompatibility and colloidal stability ...
  • Gamification and Gaming in Cryptocurrency Education: Perspectives of Cryptocurrency Investors and Potential Investors 

    Hadan, Hilda; Zhang-Kennedy, Leah; Nacke, Lennart; Mäkelä, Ville (Sage, 2024-01-22)
    Introduction: In recent years, cryptocurrency has increasingly sparked interest among investors. Many people have invested in this field without adequate knowledge. Existing research has shown that using game design elements ...
  • Modeling of Microplastic Emission, Transport, and Retention in Urban Stormwater Ponds 

    Reshadi, Mir Amir Mohammad; Rezanezhad, Fereidoun; Kaykhosravi, Sarah; Nguyen, Thu Hang; Slowinski, Stephanie; Shahvaran, Ali Reza; Van Cappellen, Philippe (University of Waterloo, 2024)
    Urban areas are the major sources of microplastics to the environment, given their high concentration of people, road traffic, and mismanaged waste. Stormwater runoff, one of the major carriers of urban-derived MPs to ...
  • Enzymatic degradation of PET plastic 

    Griffiths, Erin; Slowinski, Stephanie; Honek, John; Van Cappellen, Philippe; Rezanezhad, Fereidoun (University of Waterloo, 2024-02-02)
    Previous work has shown that the degradation of plastics such as polyethylene terephthalate (PET) using commercial grade enzymes is possible and highly effective in lab settings. However, the environmental factors controlling ...
  • A study of common bug fix patterns in Rust 

    Robati Shirzad, Mohammad; Lam, Patrick (Springer, 2024-02-12)
    Rust is a relatively new programming language which allows programmers to write programs that have low-level control over resources while still ensuring high-level safety guarantees (for programs written in safe Rust). ...
  • Vestibulocollic and Cervicocollic Muscle Reflexes in a Finite Element Neck Model During Multidirectional Impacts 

    Correia, Matheus; McLachlin, Stewart; Cronin, Duane (Springer, 2021-05-03)
    Active neck musculature plays an important role in the response of the head and neck during impact and can affect the risk of injury. Finite element Human Body Models (HBM) have been proposed with open and closed-loop ...
  • Optimization of muscle activation schemes in a finite element neck model simulating volunteer frontal impact scenarios 

    Correia, Matheus; McLachlin, Stewart; Cronin, Duane (Elsevier, 2020-03-07)
    Neck muscle activation is increasingly important for accurate prediction of occupant response in automotive impact scenarios and occupant excursion resulting from active safety systems such as autonomous emergency braking. ...
  • From Waste to Wealth: Policies to Promote the Circular Economy 

    Chevanaz, Regis Y.; Dimitrov, Stanko (Elsevier, 2024-03-01)
    The policy article addresses the urgent need for comprehensive policy framework to advance the circular economy, a crucial strategy in mitigating the global waste and pollution crisis. It seeks to bridge the research gap ...
  • Pure Pairs. IX. Transversal Trees 

    Scott, Alex; Seymour, Paul; Spirkl, Sophie (Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics, 2024)
    Fix k>0, and let G be a graph, with vertex set partitioned into k subsets ("blocks") of approximately equal size. An induced subgraph of G is "transversal" (with respect to this partition) if it has exactly one vertex in ...
  • Around the closure of the set of commutators of idempotents in B(H): Biquasitriangularity and factorisation 

    Marcoux, Laurent; Radjavi, Heydar; Zhang, Yuanhang (Elsevier, 2023-04-15)
    In this paper, we continue our study of the norm-closure of the set CEof bounded linear operators acting on a complex, infinite-dimensional, separable Hilbert space Hwhich may be expressed as the commutator of two idempotent ...
  • Five Hilbert Space Problems in Operator Algebras 

    Marcoux, Laurent (Springer, 2022-11-03)
    A number of questions which have been solved over the years in the theory of single operators acting on Hilbert space have interesting analogues when recast in the setting of elements of C*-algebras. We list five of these, ...
  • A note on the structure of matrix *-subalgebras with scalar diagonals 

    MacDonald, Gordon; Mastnak, Mitja; Omladic, Matjaz; Radjavi, Heydar (EleMath, 2021)
    We characterize those unital, self-adjoint algebras of complex n x n matrices that are simultaneously unitarily similar to algebras in which every member has a scalar diagonal.
  • On *-similarity in C*-algebras 

    Marcoux, Laurent; Radjavi, Heydar; Yahaghi, B.R. (Instytut Matematyczny, 2020)
    Two subsets X and Y of a unital C -algebra A are said to be -similar via s 2 A􀀀1 if Y = s􀀀1Xs and Y = s􀀀1X s. We show that this relation imposes a certain structure on the sets X and Y, and that under certain natural ...
  • Quasidiagonal weighted shifts on directed trees 

    Marcoux, Laurent; Planeta, Artur (Instytut Matematyczny, 2023)
    We investigate quasidiagonality of weighted shifts on directed trees. We concentrate mainly on a subclass of weighted shifts operators called adjacency operators. In particular, we provide equivalent conditions for ...
  • On Specht's Theorem in UHF C*-algebras 

    Marcoux, Laurent; Zhang, Yuanhang (Elsevier, 2021-01-01)
    Specht’s Theorem states that two matrices Aand Bin Mn(C)are unitarily equivalent if and only if tr(w(A, A∗)) =tr(w(B, B∗))for all words w(x, y)in two non-commuting variables xand y. In this article we examine to what extent ...
  • Triangular Operator Algebras and Simultaneous Triangularisation 

    Marcoux, Laurent; Radjavi, Heydar; Rosenthal, Peter (American Mathematical Society, 2023)
    We consider the question of whether every collection of compact operators that is contained in a triangular operator algebra (in the sense of Kadison and Singer) must be simultaneously triangularisable. The answer is shown ...
  • On Norm-Limits of Algebraic Quasidiagonal Operators 

    Marcoux, Laurent (Theta Foundation, 2020)
    It is still an open question to know whether or not every quasidiagonal operator can be expressed as a norm-limit of algebraic quasidiagonal operators. In this note, we provide an alternative characterization of those ...
  • On the spectrum of the Sylvester-Rosenblum operator acting on triangular algebras 

    Marcoux, Laurent; Sourour, Ahmed Ramzi (Ele-Math, 2020)
    Let A and B be algebras and M be an A -B-bimodule. For A ∈ A , B ∈B, we define the Sylvester-Rosenblum operator τA,B :M →M via τA,B(M) = AM+MB for all M ∈ M . We investigate the spectrum of τA,B in three settings, namely: ...
  • Expansion und Dynastische Politik in Pontos: Zwei neue Ären unter Pharnakes I. 

    Coskun, Altay (Steiner Verlag, Stuttgart, Germany, 2022-01-01)
    The most heated debates on early-Pontic history surround the treaty of alliance made between Pharnakes I and the citizens of Chersonesos in year 157 (IOSPE I2 402 = III3 103). About a half of the present generation of ...
  • The Chronology of the Asylia Dossier from Kos Revisited in Light of Some Recent Epigraphic Discoveries 

    Coskun, Altay (Kabalcı, Istanbul, Türkiye, 2021-12-31)
    While the Third Syrian War was raging, the Koans deployed substantial diplomatic efforts to have the asylia of their Asklepieion and the panhellenic penteteric games recognized throughout the Mediterranean world. In the ...

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