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  • Environmental taxation: The impact of carbon tax policy commitment on technology choice and social welfare 

    Rustico, Erica; Dimitrov, Stanko (Elsevier, 2022-01)
    Motivated by multiple real-world settings, we determine a social welfare-maximizing regulator's tax policies that induce a profit-maximizing polluting firm to make green technology choices. Using a game-theoretic approach ...
  • Impacts of COVID-19 on Ontario's Electricity Market 

    Elsarague, Menna (University of Waterloo, 2022-01-05)
    The COVID-19 outbreak has not only threatened global health but has also significantly affected the energy sector. Most countries around the world have faced sudden changes in the electricity load as a result of the strict ...
  • The Haptiverse: A Platform for Reuse of Haptic Content 

    Samithamby, Pelisha (University of Waterloo, 2021-12-23)
    Research into haptic technology has accelerated over the past decade, producing more devices and content than ever before. However, due to the innate diversity of its hardware and the sense of touch itself, existing haptic ...
  • User-Defined Gestures with Physical Props in Virtual Reality 

    Moran Ledesma, Marco Aurelio; Schneider, Oliver; Hancock, Mark (ACM, 2021-11-05)
    When interacting with virtual reality (VR) applications like CAD and open-world games, people may want to use gestures as a means of leveraging their knowledge from the physical world. However, people may prefer physical ...
  • Strategic Blockchain Adoption in Supply Chain Operations 

    de Carvalho, Paulo R. V. (University of Waterloo, 2021-12-17)
    Supply chains have often benefited from breakthroughs in information technology. Most recently, blockchain is promising to revolutionize the way supply chains are designed and operated. In this thesis, we explore blockchain ...
  • Usage of Interactive Event Timelines in Collaborative Digital Tabletops with Automation 

    Chang, Yu-Ling; Scott, Stacey D.; Hancock, Mark (Springer, 2016)
    Tabletop computers are increasingly being used for complex scenarios, such as emergency response. In such scenarios, maintaining situation awareness of dynamic changes automated by the system is crucial for users to make ...
  • An Exploratory Study of Collaboration between Youth and Local Organizations working on Sustainable Development Projects in Canada 

    Jassar, Amrita (University of Waterloo, 2021-11-02)
    The international community recognizes the importance of partnerships and collaboration across multiple institutions and stakeholders to implement sustainable development goals (SDGs). The SDGs are a global framework of ...
  • Staff Scheduling During a Pandemic 

    Aminoleslami, Arian (University of Waterloo, 2021-09-30)
    The year 2019 revealed that some of the policies which have shaped the core structure of many organizations in different industries for a long time, could result in an absolute failure in an unprecedented crisis like the ...
  • Multi-Class Advance Patient Scheduling 

    Shirani Faradonbeh, Mohamad Sadegh (University of Waterloo, 2021-09-29)
    The problem of advance scheduling of service appointments for patients arriving to a healthcare facility received a lot of attentions in the literature of operations management. Broadly speaking, the main goal is on the ...
  • Mechanisms Driving Service Duration: A Large-Scale Empirical Analysis 

    Eshraghi, Seyyed Mohammad Hossein (University of Waterloo, 2021-09-28)
    Using large-scale MRI services data, a multi-type multi-priority scheduling system, we measure service duration and show that a number of covariates, including the shift during which the procedure is performed, patients' ...
  • PPE Distribution Planning and Capacity Acquisition During the COVID-19 Pandemic 

    Kiss, Jordan (University of Waterloo, 2021-09-27)
    The COVID-19 pandemic caused disruptions to global supply chains and the uncer- tainty surrounding its progression has created challenges in distributing critical supplies such as personal protective equipment (PPE). We ...
  • Differential effects of training on innovation 

    Cozzarin, Brian Paul; Percival, Jennifer C. (Taylor & Francis, 2021-01-17)
    Evidence shows that training can increase product innovation. Yet in most studies survey design omits the differentiation between ‘new' and ‘improved' technical innovation. Thus, our objective is to quantify the impact of ...
  • E-banking and consumer debt 

    Dimitrov, Stanko; Cozzarin, Brian Paul (Inderscience, 2021-01-01)
    Canadian consumers have a debt problem and averaged a nationwide debt-to-income ratio of 1.654 in 2016. Based on current research, it is unclear whether e-banking has a positive or negative impact on this ratio. This paper ...
  • Pricing, greening, and transparency decisions considering the impact of government subsidies and CSR behavior in supply chain decisions 

    Khosroshahi, Hossein; Dimitrov, Stanko; Hejazi, Seyed Reza (Elsevier, 2021-05-01)
    In this paper, we analytically model different government subsidy strategies in a supply chain manufacturing and selling a green product. We model the interaction between greening degree and transparency level set by a ...
  • Circular economy: Joint dynamic pricing and recycling investments 

    Schlosser, Rainer; Chenavaz, Regis Y.; Dimitrov, Stanko (Elsevier, 2021-06-01)
    In a circular economy, the use of recycled resources in production is a key performance indicator for management. Yet, academic studies are still unable to inform managers on appropriate recycling and pricing policies. We ...
  • Impact of intellectual capital on small-firm growth: a longitudinal study from Inc. 5000 

    Dimitrov, Stanko; Cozzarin, Brian Paul (Taylor & Francis, 2021-05-21)
    We explore whether intellectual capital is a precursor to Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) growth. We use data from Inc. 5000 of fast-growing SMEs in the USA and match companies to patent applications. We use a zero-inflated ...
  • “Transport Me Away”: Fostering Flow in Open Offices through Virtual Reality 

    Ruvimova, Anastasia; Kim, Junhyeok; Fritz, Thomas; Hancock, Mark; Shepherd, David C. (ACM, 2020-04-21)
    Open offices are cost-effective and continue to be popular. However, research shows that these environments, brimming with distractions and sensory overload, frequently hamper productivity. Our research investigates the ...
  • Measuring Haptic Experience: Elaborating the HX model with scale development 

    Sathiyamurthy, Suji; Lui, Melody; Kim, Erin; Schneider, Oliver (IEEE, 2021-07-06)
    Designers increasingly employ haptic feedback with the aim to improve user experience (UX). Designers and researchers currently use qualitative methods or demos for feedback, but neither approach scales to large studies ...
  • Provocations from #vanlife: Investigating Life and Work in a Community Extensively Using Technology Not Designed for Them 

    Rizvi, Ali Haider; Morayko, Kateryna; Song, Arden; Hancock, Mark (ACM, 2021-05)
    Research on how lived experiences with technology intersect with home and work are core themes within HCI. Prior work has primarily focused on conventional life and work in Western countries. However, the unconventional ...
  • Chemotherapy Treatment Models: Incorporating Tumor Growth and Stochastic Cancer Staging 

    Kitapli, Remziye Karabekmez (University of Waterloo, 2021-09-13)
    Cancer is a deadly disease causing a heavy health burden worldwide throughout the recorded history. Chemotherapy is widely used to treat any type of cancer. With an enormous effort to improve cancer chemotherapy treatment ...

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