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  • Systematic Reviews and the Evolving Role of Librarians 

    Davies, Marian; Gordon, Shannon; Hutchinson, Rebecca (2014-01-29)
    The demand for systematic reviews (SR) in research intensive health related departments is rapidly increasing, and academic librarians have the expertise necessary to support these comprehensive reviews. In summer 2013, ...
  • SPARC! Preparing First-Year Students for Information Overload 

    Goosney, Janet; Gordon, Shannon; Pretty, Heather (2008-05-02)
    Presentation slides as presented at the Newfoundland and Labrador Library Association (NLLA) Conference, 2008. Outlines the SPARC (Summer Program in Academic Research & Communication) offered by Memorial University Libraries. ...
  • How Two Librarians Became Co-instructors For a First Year Course 

    Gordon, Shannon; Mercer, Kathryn (2015-01-30)
    In Spring 2014, two librarians co-instructed an undergraduate Pharmacy course at the University of Waterloo. Providing students with the skills to access medical/drug information, this course gave students the skills to ...
  • Impact, Attention, Influence? Potential Use Of Altmetrics In Academic Libraries 

    Byl, Lauren; Gordon, Shannon (2016-01-28)
    As the NISO Alternative Assessment Metrics (Altmetrics) Initiative develops standards surrounding altmetrics, it is necessary to consider the relevance of altmetrics to the research community, including academic libraries. ...
  • Thinking Outside The Library: Being Embedded In A Professional Practice Lab 

    Gordon, Shannon; Mclean, Lisa; Nakhla, Nardine (2014-01-31)
    Librarians need to strategically market their expertise, which often involves thinking outside of the library for meaningful collaborations. Partnering with a Pharmacist and Pharmacy Technician, a librarian provided on-site ...
  • Bibliometrics & The Modern Academic Library: A Unique Cross-Campus Partnership At The University Of Waterloo 

    Carson, Jana; Gordon, Shannon (2016-01-28)
    As one measure used to capture research productivity trends, and elements of research impact, the University of Waterloo recognizes bibliometric measures as an important piece of evidence-based research assessment. Join ...
  • Seeing Double at Memorial University: Two WorldCat Local Usability Studies 

    Fahey, Sue; Gordon, Shannon; Rose, Crystal (2011-05-01)
    Presentation slides as presented at the Atlantic Provinces Library Association (APLA) Conference, 2011, St John's Newfoundland. Provides an overview of a usability study conducted on WorldCat Local (WCL), a catalogue for ...
  • WorldCat Local in a Health Sciences Environment: One Library's Experience 

    Gordon, Shannon (2010-06-07)
    In 2009, Memorial University Libraries embarked on a pilot project with WorldCat Local (WCL), an available discovery layer. As of May 2010, WCL remains in internal testing and will likely be released it in beta form in ...
  • Collaborating to Automate Big Data Cleaning: An Example Using Local Bibliometric Data 

    Carson, Jana; Gordon, Shannon (2016-12-06)
    This session will showcase a unique local collaboration between the Library, the Office of Research, and Institutional Analysis and Planning to support a project involving large amounts of complex data. The highly collaborative ...
  • Making Connections at the Personal & Curricular Levels 

    Gordon, Shannon; MacDonald, Kathy; Stapleton, Jackie (2013-04-19)
    Making personal connections and building relationships. Connecting people to information at points of need is at the heart of what we do. As Health Sciences Liaison Librarians at the University of Waterloo, these Librarians ...
  • More Knowledge on the Go: A Survey of Mobile Device Usage in Pharmacy 

    Chatterley, Trish; Duncan, Vicky; Barrett, Ann; Dupont, Patrice; Gordon, Shannon; Hatch, Kelly; Helwig, Melissa; Vokey, Sherri (2013-05-23)
    Although there are studies that explore the use of mobile devices by physicians and pharmacists, there has not been a study to date that examines the prevalence and usage patterns of mobile devices amongst pharmacy students ...
  • The Evolving Role of Liaison Librarians: Supporting Researchers in the Systematic Review Process 

    Stapleton, Jackie; Gordon, Shannon; Davies, Marian; Hutchinson, Rebecca (2014-06-16)
    From the summer of 2013 to early 2014, four University of Waterloo librarians surveyed Health Sciences faculty and PhD students to gather data on their current and future systematic review work. Data provided insight into ...
  • Demystifying Open Access 

    Goddard, Lisa; Gordon, Shannon (2010-06-01)
    The international Open Access (OA) movement is changing how journal literature is created, disseminated, and purchased. Individuals working in academic, public and special libraries are invited to this session for a ...
  • Selecting the Selection Tool 

    Fahey, Sue; Gordon, Shannon (2010-06-01)
    Presentation slides as presented at the CHLA Conference, 2010, Kingston. Authors explain how the book ordering process at Memorial University works, discuss author experiences in evaluating electronic book selection tools, ...
  • Automating Big Data Cleaning: An Example Using Local Bibliometric Data 

    Carson, Jana; Gordon, Shannon (2017-04-06)
    The University of Waterloo recognizes bibliometric data as an important piece of evidence-based research assessment, and recommends bibliometric data as one measure, among many, for capturing research productivity trends, ...
  • OMG I can IM the QEII: Networking Through chat 

    Gordon, Shannon (2007-05-22)
    Presentation slides as presented at the Newfoundland and Labrador Library Association (NLLA) Conference, 2007. Outlines virtual library reference program in the context of the QEII, a chat program offered at Memorial ...
  • What is #LODLAM?! Understanding Linked Open Data in Libraries, Archives [and Museums] 

    Hitchens, Alison (2015-01-29)
    This session provides an overview of linked data and then explains how it can be used in libraries and archives to share our unique data on the web and to enrich the user experience by using linked data ourselves. This ...
  • Investigating BIBFRAME: New Bibliographic Framework Initiative 

    Hitchens, Alison; Rudnik, Aida; Carr, Christopher (2016-01-28)
    This item represents one section, as presented by Alison Hitchens, of the following presentation: Hitchens, A., Rudnik, A., Carr, C. (2016, January 28). Investigating BIBFRAME. Session presented at OLA Superconference, ...
  • Bibliometrics and Research Impact at University of Waterloo: An Exciting Campus Partnership 

    Hitchens, Alison; Bèlanger, Annie (University of Waterloo, 2017-04-03)
    In 2012, the Bibliometrics Working Group at the University of Waterloo, composed of the Library, the Office of Research, Institutional Analysis and Planning (IAP) and faculty representatives, began its work. In 2015, a new ...
  • Missed connections: looking for everything in the archives 

    Robichaud, Danielle (Active History, 2017-06-26)
    Archivists are commonly asked by researchers to produce everything available about a particular topic. While understandable from a researcher standpoint, fulfilling the request is a challenge. Unlike library holdings, ...

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