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    • Context matters: criticism and accommodation by close others associated with treatment attitudes in those with anxiety 

      Merritt, Olivia; Rowa, Karen; Purdon, Christine (Cambridge University Press, 2022-08-26)
      Background: Many people with anxiety do not seek therapy due to negative views of treatment. Although close others (e.g. romantic partners, family members, close friends) are highly involved in treatment decisions, the ...
    • Effect of Plant Functional Type on Methane Dynamics in a Restored Minerotrophic Peatland 

      Strack, Maria; Mwakanyamale, Kisa; Fard, Golnoush Hassanpour; Bird, Melanie; Bérubé, Vicky; Rochefort, Line (Springer, 2017-01)
      Background and Aims: Peatland methane (CH4) fluxes may vary between plant types; however, in mixed communities, the specific role of each species is difficult to distinguish. The goal of this study was to determine the ...
    • Natural climate solutions for Canda 

      Drever, C Ronnie; Cook-Patton, Susan C; Akhter, Fardausi; Badiou, Pascal H; Chmura, Gail L; Davidson, Scott J; Desjardins, Raymond L; Dyk, Andrew; Fargione, Joseph E; Fellows, Max; Filewood, Ben; Hessing-Lewis, Margot; Jayasundara, Susantha; Keeton, William S; Kroeger, Timm; Lark, Tyler J; Le, Edward; Leavitt, Sara M; LeClerc, Marie-Eve; Lempriere, Tony C; Metsaranta, Juha; McConkey, Brian; Neilson, Eric; St-Laurent, Guillaume Peterson; Puric-Mladenovic, Danijela; Rodrigue, Sebastien; Soolanayakanahally, Raju Y; Spawn, Seth A; Strack, Maria; Smyth, Carolyn; Thevathasan, Naresh; Voicu, Mihai; Williams, Christopher A; Woodbury, Peter B; Worth, Devon E; Xu, Zhen; Yeo, Samantha; Kurz, Werner A (American Association for the Advancement of Science, 2021-06-04)
      Alongside the steep reductions needed in fossil fuel emissions, natural climate solutions (NCS) represent readily deployable options that can contribute to Canada’s goals for emission reductions. We estimate the mitigation ...
    • The influence of peat volume change and vegetation on the hydrology of a kettle-hole wetland in Southern Ontario, Canada 

      Whittington, Pete; Strack, Maria; van Haarlem, R; Kaufman, S; Stoesser, P; Maltez, J; Price, Jonathan S.; Stone, Mike (International Mire Conservation Group and International Peat Society, 2007-12)
      Links between local hydrology and vegetation type exist in wetlands, yet it is unclear what role peat volume change plays in these interactions. We measured peat volume change and hydraulic conductivity (Kfield) at three ...
    • Annual carbon balance of a peatland 10 yr following restoration 

      Strack, Maria; Zuback, Yoseph (Copernicus Publications, 2013-05-02)
      Undisturbed peatlands represent long-term net sinks of carbon; however, peat extraction converts these systems into large and persistent sources of greenhouse gases. Although rewetting and restoration following peat ...
    • Effect of water table drawdown on northern peatland methane dynamics: Implications for climate change 

      Strack, Maria; Waddington, James M.; Tuittila, Eeva-Stiina (Wiley, 2004-10-07)
      As natural sources of methane (CH4), peatlands play an important role in the global carbon cycle. Climate models predict that evapotranspiration will increase under a 2 x CO2 scenario due to increased temperatures leading ...
    • Digraphs with All Induced Directed Cycles of the Same Length are not → χ -Bounded 

      Carbonero, Alvaro; Hompe, Patrick; Moore, Benjamin; Spirkl, Sophie (2022-10-07)
      For t > 2, let us call a digraph D t-chordal if all induced directed cycles in D have length equal to t. In an earlier paper, we asked for which t it is true that t-chordal graphs with bounded clique number have bounded ...
    • Dynamis in Rome? Revisiting the South Frieze of the Ara Pacis Augustae 

      Coskun, Altay; Stern, Gaius (Franz Steiner Verlag, 2020-12-01)
      The Senate voted to build the Ara Pacis to welcome home Augustus after restoring order in the western provinces, while Agrippa pursued a similar mission in the East. Agrippa had settled the turmoil in the Bosporus by ...
    • Deiotaros Philorhomaios, Pontos und Kolchis 

      Coskun, Altay (Franz Steiner Verlag, 2020-12-01)
      Towards the end of the Third Mithradatic War (64 BC), Pompey promoted the Tolistobogian tetrarch Deiotaros to become the most powerful king of Asia Minor. Strabo describes his new territories as follows (Geogr. 12.3.13 ...
    • Pompeius und die ,elf Städte‘ der Provinz Pontus 

      Coskun, Altay (Franz Steiner Verlag, 2022-12-01)
      The line of events from the death of Nikomedes IV through the Third Mithradatic War (73–63 BC) to the ratification of Pompey’s Eastern acts in Rome in 59 BC is well documented in our sources and well-studied in modern ...
    • Searching for the Sanctuary of Leukothea in Kolchis 

      Coskun, Altay (Franz Steiner Verlag, 2020-12-01)
      Strabo mentions a sanctuary of Leukothea, together with an Oracle of Phrixos, in the Moschike somewhere in Kolchis (11.2.17f. 498f.C). O. Lordkipanidze (1972) suggested a location in modern Vani at the confluence of the ...
    • Introduction 

      Coskun, Altay; Engels, David (Société Latomus, Brussels, 2019-05-18)
      This introduction surveys recent trends in Seleukid scholarship and addresses the main points of discussion concerning the decline and disintegration of the Seleukid Kingdom in the course of the 2nd century BC.
    • Triangular Epistolary Diplomacy with Rome from Judas Maccabee to Aristobulos I 

      Coskun, Altay (Société Latomus, Brussels, 2020-05-18)
      Scholarly opinions tend to converge towards accepting that Roman commitment to Judaea was very limited: sources attesting treaties of friendship and alliance are either seen as fabricated or not reflecting the real ...
    • Which Seleukid King Was the First to Establish Friendship with the Romans? Reflections on a Fabricated Letter (Suet. Claud. 25.3), amicitia with Antiochos III (200–193 BC) and the Lack thereof with IlionTriangular Epistolary Diplomacy with Rome from Judas Maccabee to Aristobulos I 

      Coskun, Altay (Société Latomus, Brussels, 2019-05-18)
      Suetonius, Claud. 25.3 has preserved the summary of an obscure Roman letter to Seleucus Rex, offering him amicitia et societas in return for exempting the citizens of Ilion, their own ‘relatives’, from taxation. While ...
    • Rome, the Seleukid East and the Disintegration of the Largest of the Successor Kingdoms in the 2nd Century BC 

      Coskun, Altay (Société Latomus, Brussels, 2019-05-18)
      Although Antiochos III Megas had been defeated by the Romans in 191/90 BC, his son Seleukos IV managed to consolidate it, and his youngest son Antiochos IV Epiphanes (175– 164) even became the most powerful monarch of ...
    • A Counterexample to a Conjecture About Trianle-Free Induced Subgraphs of Graphs with Large Chromatic Number 

      Carbonero, Alvaro; Hompe, Patrick; Moore, Benjamin; Spirkl, Sophie (Elsevier ScienceDirect, 2023-01)
      We prove that for every n, there is a graph G with χ(G) ≥ n and ω(G) ≤ 3 such that every induced subgraph H of G with ω(H) ≤ 2 satisfies χ(H) ≤ 4.This disproves a well-known conjecture. Our construction is a digraph with ...
    • Induced Subgraphs and Tree Decompositions III. Three-Path-Configurations and Logarithmic Treewidth. 

      Abrishami, Tara; Chudnovsky, Maria; Hajebi, Sepehr; Spirkl, Sophie (Advances in Combinatorics, 2022-09-09)
      A theta is a graph consisting of two non-adjacent vertices and three internally disjoint paths between them, each of length at least two. For a family H of graphs, we say a graph G is H-free if no induced subgraph of G is ...
    • Complexity Dichotomy for List-5-Coloring with a Forbidden Induced Subgraph 

      Hajebi, Sepehr; Li, Yanjia; Spirkl, Sophie (Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics, 2022-08-30)
      For a positive integer r and graphs G and H, we denote by G+H the disjoint union of G and H and by rH the union of r mutually disjoint copies of H. Also, we say G is H-free if H is not isomorphic to an induced subgraph of ...
    • Vital Energy Regulator: A Time-Independent Solution for Control of Lower Limb Exoskeletons 

      Nasiri, Rezvan; Shushtari, Mohammad; Rouhani, Hossein; Arami, Arash (IEEE, 2021-10)
      In this letter, we introduce a novel control strategy called Virtual Energy Regulator (VER) for lower limb rehabilitation exoskeletons. Unlike the conventional trajectory tracking controllers, VER, which is a time-independent ...
    • Sandwich and probe problems for excluding paths 

      Figueiredo, Celina Miraglia Herrera de; Spirkl, Sophie (Elsevier, 2018-12-31)
      Let Pk denote an induced path on k vertices. For k ≥ 5, we show that the Pk-free sandwich problem, partitioned probe problem, and unpartitioned probe problem are NP-complete. For k ≤ 4, it is known that the Pk-free sandwich ...


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