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    • Badges: Abzeichen als sprechende Objekte 

      Rasmussen, Ann Marie (De Gruyter, 2017-05)
      This article presents early findings regarding the interplay between script (text) and image on medieval badges, which are small, brooch-like objects made from lead-tin alloy (pewter) and adorned with familiar images drawn ...
    • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Applied to a Glass Vaporization Chamber for Introduction of Micro- or Nano-Size Samples into Lab-Based ICPs and to a CFD-Derived (and Rapidly Prototyped Via 3D Printing) Smaller-Size Chamber for Portable Microplasmas 

      Badiei, Hamid; Stubley, Gordon; Fitzgerald, Ryan; Saddler, Melanie; Karanassios, Vassili (IntechOpen, 2018-02-14)
      Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) is used extensively in many industries ranging from aerospace engineering to automobile design. We applied CFDs to simulate flows inside vaporization chambers designed for micro- or ...
    • Disabling cities 

      Worth, Nancy; Simard-Gagnon, Laurence; Chouinard, Vera (Oxford University Press, 2017-01-13)
      Geographic research on disability and cities is wide-ranging and encompasses the lives of people dealing with disability, physical impairment, and issues of mental ill health. This chapter focuses on what makes cities more ...
    • Endocrine Regulation of Phosphate Homeostasis 

      Brown, Ronald B.; Razzaque, Mohammed S. (Elsevier, 2018)
      Phosphate, a component of nucleic acids, DNA and RNA, is incorporated in the structure of phospholipids in cell membranes, and is involved in many biological functions such as cell signaling, energy metabolism, and bone ...
    • Four-coloring P6-free graphs 

      Chudnovsky, Maria; Spirkl, Sophie; Zhong, Mingxian (Association for Computing Machinery, 2019)
      In this paper we present a polynomial time algorithm for the 4-COLORING PROBLEM and the 4-PRECOLORING EXTENSION problem restricted to the class of graphs with no induced six-vertex path, thus proving a conjecture of Huang. ...
    • Illustrating a new 'conceptual design pattern' for agent-based models of land use via five case studies—the MR POTATOHEAD framework 

      Parker, Dawn Cassandra; Brown, Daniel G.; Polhill, J. Gary; Deadman, Peter J.; Manson, Steven M. (Universidad de Valladolid, 2008)
      This chapter presents a "conceptual design pattern" (CDP) that represents key elements of standard ABM/LUCC models in a comprehensive logical framework and includes basic functionality and data often present in ABM/LUCC ...
    • La gerçure énorme » de l’être à venir chez Yves Préfontaine 

      Lepage, Élise (Presses Universitaires du Québec, 2012)
      Dans l’article signé par Élise Lepage sur Pays sans parole (1967), d’Yves Préfontaine, on assiste au démantèlement de cet optimisme. Le corps, la parole et le territoire sont de partout craquelés, et l’aspiration verticale, ...
    • Of, By, and For the Internet: New Media Studies and Public Scholarship 

      Morrison, Aimee (Routledge, 2018)
      This paper proposes we must actively work to craft a new media studies of, by, and for the internet, one that must seek to transform rather than simply disrupt both scholarship and the broader social landscape, or our ...
    • Path Following for Mobile Manipulators 

      Gill, Rajan; Kulic, Dana; Nielsen, Christopher (Springer, 2017-07-25)
      This paper presents a framework of path following via set stabilization for mobile manipulator systems. The mobile manipulator is modelled as a single redundant dynamic system. The mobile base considered belongs to a large ...
    • The Philosophy of Behavioral Biology 

      Reydon, Thomas; Plaisance, Kathryn S. (Springer, 2012)
      This volume offers a broad overview of central issues in the philosophy of behavioral biology, addressing philosophical issues that arise from the most recent scientific findings in biological research on behavior. It thus ...
    • The Pivot of Athwartedness: Roy Kiyooka's "Pacific Windows" 

      Austen, Veronica J. (Guernica, 2020)
      Published as a full issue of The Capilano Review in August 1990, Roy Kiyooka’s “Pacific Windows” exists on the periphery of Kiyooka’s canon. Despite the various ways in which this text could be considered the culmination ...
    • Poly(Lactic Acid)-Based Biomaterials: Synthesis, Modification and Applications 

      Xiao, Lin; Wang, Bo; Yang, Guang; Gauthier, Mario (InTech, 2012-01-20)
      Chapter 11 entitled "Poly(Lactic Acid)-Based Biomaterials: Synthesis, Modification and Applications" from: "Biomedical Science, Engineering and Technology", book edited by Dhanjoo N. Ghista, ISBN 978-953-307-471-9, Published: ...
    • The Proof is in the Pudding: Building a Local Repository for Online Learning Objects 

      Hale, Jordan; Weaver, Kari D. (Association of College & Research Libraries, 2021)
      Libraries are increasingly building collections of learning materials in electronic formats. As the availability grows, it becomes necessary to consider the long-term discovery, access, management, and local ownership ...
    • Science Communication Sample Slide Deck 

      Weaver, Kari; Mercer, Kathryn (Springer Nature, 2021-01-26)
      Sample slides to accompany the book chapter: Weaver, K. D., Mercer, K., & Lamont, G. (2021). “The RADAR framework for evaluating sources of information.” In S. Rowland & L. Kuchel (Eds.) Science + SciComm + Work: A guide ...
    • Standalone Tensile Testing of Thin Film Materials for MEMS/NEMS Applications 

      Tajik, Arash; Jahed, Hamid (In Tech, 2012-03-28)
      The microelectronics industry has been consistently driven by the scaling roadmap, colloquially referred to as the Moore’s law. Consequently, during the past decades, integrated circuits have scaled down further. This ...
    • Stop clicking on “update later”: Persuading users they need up-to-date antivirus protection 

      Zhang-Kennedy, Leah; Chiasson, Sonia; Biddle, Robert (Springer, 2014-05)
      Online security advice aims to persuade users to behave se- curely, but appears to have limited effects at changing behaviour. We pro- pose security advice targeted at end-users should employ visual rhetoric to form an ...
    • Thought Suppression 

      Purdon, Christine (Oxford University Press, 2020-01-30)
      The idea that suppressing an unwanted thought results in an ironic increase in its frequency is accepted as psychological fact. Wegner’s ironic processes model has been applied to understanding the development and persistence ...
    • Usage of Interactive Event Timelines in Collaborative Digital Tabletops with Automation 

      Chang, Yu-Ling; Scott, Stacey D.; Hancock, Mark (Springer, 2016)
      Tabletop computers are increasingly being used for complex scenarios, such as emergency response. In such scenarios, maintaining situation awareness of dynamic changes automated by the system is crucial for users to make ...
    • Welcome to the web: The online community of GeoCities during the early years of the World Wide Web 

      Milligan, Ian (UCL Press, 2017-03)
      As the World Wide Web entered mainstream North American society in the mid-to late 1990s, GeoCities was there to welcome users with open arms. GeoCities helped to facilitate their first steps into publishing, so they could ...


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