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    • Could The Human Papillomavirus Vaccines Drive Virulence Evolution? 

      Murall, Carmen Lia; Bauch, Chris T.; Day, Troy (Royal Society, The, 2015-01-07)
      The human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccines hold great promise for preventing several cancers caused by HPV infections. Yet little attention has been given to whether HPV could respond evolutionarily to the new selection ...
    • A Counterexample to a Conjecture About Triangle-Free Induced Subgraphs of Graphs with Large Chromatic Number 

      Carbonero, Alvaro; Hompe, Patrick; Moore, Benjamin; Spirkl, Sophie (Elsevier ScienceDirect, 2023-01)
      We prove that for every n, there is a graph G with χ(G) ≥ n and ω(G) ≤ 3 such that every induced subgraph H of G with ω(H) ≤ 2 satisfies χ(H) ≤ 4.This disproves a well-known conjecture. Our construction is a digraph with ...
    • Counting and Mining Research Data with Unix 

      Baker, James; Milligan, Ian (The Editorial Board of the Programming Historian, 2014-09-20)
      This lesson will look at how research data, when organised in a clear and predictable manner, can be counted and mined using the Unix shell. The lesson builds on the lessons “Preserving Your Research Data: Documenting and ...
    • Coupled Dynamics of Cable-Harnessed Structures: Experimental Validation 

      Yerrapragada, Karthik; Salehian, Armaghan (American Society of Mechanical Engineers, 2019-07-15)
      The experimental study and model validations for the coupled dynamics of a cable-harnessed beam structure are presented. The system under consideration consists of multiple pretensioned cables attached along the length of ...
    • Coupled Human-Environment Dynamics Of Forest Pest Spread And Control In A Multi-Patch, Stochastic Setting 

      Ali, Qasim; Bauch, Chris T.; Anand, Madhur (Public Library of Science, 2015-10-02)
      Background The transportation of camp firewood infested by non-native forest pests such as Asian long-horned beetle (ALB) and emerald ash borer (EAB) has severe impacts on North American forests. Once invasive forest pests ...
    • A Coupled Snow Operations-Skier Demand Model for the Ontario (Canada) Ski Region 

      Pons, Marc; Scott, Daniel; Steiger, Robert; Rutty, Michelle; Johnson, Peter; Vilella, Marc (EGU General Assembly Conference Abstracts, 2016-04-01)
      The multi-billion dollar global ski industry is one of the tourism subsectors most directly impacted by climate variability and change. In the decades ahead, the scholarly literature consistently projects decreased reliability ...
    • Coupling Fishery Dynamics, Human Health And Social Learning In A Model Of Fish-Borne Pollution Exposure 

      Yodzis, Michael; Bauch, Chris T.; Anand, Madhur (Springer, 2016-03-01)
      Pollution-induced illnesses are caused by toxicants that result from human activity and are often entirely preventable. However, where industrial priorities have undermined responsible governance, exposed populations must ...
    • Coupling solid phase microextraction to complementary separation platforms for metabotyping of E. coli metabolome in response to natural antibacterial agents 

      Mousavi, Fatemeh; Gionfriddo, Emanuela; Carasek, Eduardo; Souza-Silva, Erica A.; Pawliszyn, Janusz (Springer, 2016-11-02)
      Introduction Essential oils are known to possess antimicrobial activity; thus, their use has played an important role over the years in medicine and for food preservation purposes. Objective The effect of clove oil and its ...
    • The Course of Pharnakes II’s Pontic and Bosporan Campaigns in 48/47 BC 

      Coskun, Altay (University of Toronto Press, 2020-11-01)
      Appian’s account of Pharnakes’ Pontic campaign (Mithr. 120.590–595) conveys the impression that the king of the Bosporos started his attack on Asia Minor by attacking Sinope from the sea. The end of the narrative, however, ...
    • Covalent linking DNA to graphene oxide and its comparison with physisorbed probes for Hg2+ detection 

      Lu, Chang; Huang, Po-Jung Jimmy; Ying, Yibin; Liu, Juewen (Elsevier, 2016-05-15)
      Graphene oxide (GO) has attracted extensive research interest as a platform for DNA adsorption and biosensor development. While most researchers use simple physisorption of fluorescently labeled DNA, covalent sensors are ...
    • COVID-19's implications on agri-food systems and human health in Bangladesh 

      Talukder, Byomkesh; vanLoon, Gary W.; Hipel, Keith; Orbinski, James (Elsevier, 2021)
      The COVID-19 pandemic in Bangladesh has put agri-food systems and resultant human health under serious pressure and this has thus become a priority concern for the country and its development partners. To understand, ...
    • A Cox-Aalen model for interval-censored data 

      Cook, Richard J.; Boruvka, Audrey (Wiley, 2015-06)
      The Cox-Aalen model, obtained by replacing the baseline hazard function in the well-known Cox model with a covariate-dependent Aalen model, allows for both fixed and dynamic covariate effects. In this paper, we examine ...
    • Cr3+ Binding to DNA Backbone Phosphate and Bases: Slow Ligand Exchange Rates and Metal Hydrolysis 

      Zhou, Wenhu; Yu, Tianmeng; Vazin, Mahsa; Ding, Jinsong; Liu, Juewen (American Chemical Society, 2017-06-07)
      The interaction between chromium ions and DNA is of great interest in inorganic chemistry, toxicology, and analytical chemistry. Most previous studies focused on in situ reduction of Cr(VI), producing Cr3+ for DNA binding. ...
    • Creating Your Bubble: Personal Space On and Around Large Public Displays 

      Wallace, James R.; Iskander, Nancy; Lank, Edward (ACM, 2016-05)
      We describe an empirical study that explores how users establish and use personal space around large public displays (LPDs). Our study complements field studies in this space by more fully characterizing interpersonal ...
    • Critical assessment of influenza VLP production in Sf9 and HEK293 expression systems 

      Thompson, Christine M.; Petiot Emma; Mullick Alaka; Aucoin, Marc; Henry Olivier; Kamen, Amine A. (BioMed Central, 2015-05-16)
      Background: Each year, influenza is responsible for hundreds of thousand cases of illness and deaths worldwide. Due to the virus' fast mutation rate, the World Health Organization (WHO) is constantly on alert to rapidly ...
    • Critical Dynamics In Population Vaccinating Behavior 

      Pananos, A. Demetri; Bury, Thomas M.; Wang, Clara; Schonfeld, Justin; Mohanty, Sharada P.; Nyhan, Brendan; Salathe, Marcel; Bauch, Chris T. (National Academy of Sciences, 2017-12-26)
      Vaccine refusal can lead to renewed outbreaks of previously eliminated diseases and even delay global eradication. Vaccinating decisions exemplify a complex, coupled system where vaccinating behavior and disease dynamics ...
    • Critical exponents of infinite balanced words 

      Rampersad, Narad; Shallit, Jeffrey; Vandomme, Élise (Elsevier, 2019-07-19)
      Over an alphabet of size 3 we construct an infinite balanced word with critical exponent 2 + root2/2. Over an alphabet of size 4 we construct an infinite balanced word with critical exponent (5 + root5)/4. Over larger ...
    • Critical Reading Across the Engineering Disciplines 

      Weaver, Kari D.; Mercer, Kathryn; Howcroft, Jennifer (Association of College and Research Libraries a Division of the American Library Association, 2023-01)
      Engineering students spend a significant amount of time discovering, evaluating, and reading/interpreting information. This book chapter discusses the existing knowledge around undergraduate engineering student information ...
    • A critical review of solid phase microextraction for analysis of water samples 

      Piri-Moghadam, Hamed; Ahmadi, Fardin; Pawliszyn, Janusz (Elsevier, 2016-12-01)
      The review summarizes applications of solid phase microextraction (SPME) for water sample analysis. Official methods and standards of SPME in water research and inter-laboratory validation are discussed. A comparison of ...
    • Criticism and accommodation are associated with treatment concerns in close others to those with anxiety 

      Merritt, Olivia; Rowa, Karen; Purdon, Christine (British Psychological Society, 2022-10-18)
      Objectives. Those close to people with mental health difficulties (e.g., family members, romantic partners and close friends) are often involved in their care decisions. Research shows that criticism by close others and ...


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