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    • Demystifying Open Access 

      Goddard, Lisa; Gordon, Shannon (2010-06-01)
      The international Open Access (OA) movement is changing how journal literature is created, disseminated, and purchased. Individuals working in academic, public and special libraries are invited to this session for a ...
    • Doing the work: Editing Wikipedia as an act of reconciliation 

      Robichaud, Danielle; McCracken, Krista (On Archivy, 2018-08-28)
      The Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada Calls to Action outline the responsibilities of cultural heritage workers to educate both themselves and the general public about the Canadian Indian Residential School ...
    • Evolution of a summer research/writing workshop for first‐year university students 

      Guise, Janneka L.; Goosney, Janet; Gordon, Shannon; Pretty, Heather (Emerald, 2008)
      Purpose: To describe a framework for a summer research/writing workshop for new university students, and its evolution over time and across institutions. Design/Methodology/Approach: The University of Toronto at Scarborough ...
    • The Evolving Role of Liaison Librarians: Supporting Researchers in the Systematic Review Process 

      Stapleton, Jackie; Gordon, Shannon; Davies, Marian; Hutchinson, Rebecca (2014-06-16)
      From the summer of 2013 to early 2014, four University of Waterloo librarians surveyed Health Sciences faculty and PhD students to gather data on their current and future systematic review work. Data provided insight into ...
    • Exploring the role of teams and technology in patients' medication decision making 

      Mercer, Kathryn; Guirguis, Lisa; Burns, Catherine; Chin, Jessie; Dogba, Maman Joyce; Dolovich, Lisa; Guénette, Line; Jenkins, Laurie; Légaré, France; McKinnon, Annette; McMurray, Josephine; Waked, Khrystine; Grindrod, Kelly (Elsevier, 2019-03)
      We know little about how electronic health records (EHRs) should be designed to help patients, pharmacists, and physicians participate in interprofessional shared decision making. We used a qualitative approach to understand ...
    • Fighting Impostor Syndrome: How Librarians Are Bridging the Gap Between the Humanities and the Sciences 

      Carter, Caitlin A.; Mercer, Kate (2017-02-01)
      While many librarians possess undergraduate degrees in the humanities, increasingly, there are excellent job prospects emerging in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) fields. New graduates and librarians who ...
    • From Coast to Coast: Canadian Collaboration in a Changing RDM Seascape 

      Sewerin, Cristina; Barsky, Eugene; Dearborn, Dylanne; Henshilwood, Angela; Hwang, Christina; Keys, Sandra; Mitchell, Marjorie; Spence, Michelle; Szigeti, Kathy; Zaraiskaya, Tatiana (2016-06-06)
      There is power in collaboration. With academic institutions across Canada preparing for possible changes in funding requirements around sharing and preserving data and the submission of data management plans, librarians ...
    • From the ground up: Building a roadmap of research priorities for a national research data management community 

      Cheung, Melissa; Dearborn, Dylanne; Da Sylva, Lyne; Khair, Shahira; Szigeti, Kathy (2019-05)
      Launched in 2015, the Canadian Association of Research Libraries (CARL) Portage Network is dedicated to the shared stewardship of research data in Canada through fostering national communities of practice for research data, ...
    • How Two Librarians Became Co-instructors For a First Year Course 

      Gordon, Shannon; Mercer, Kathryn (2015-01-30)
      In Spring 2014, two librarians co-instructed an undergraduate Pharmacy course at the University of Waterloo. Providing students with the skills to access medical/drug information, this course gave students the skills to ...
    • Impact, Attention, Influence? Potential Use Of Altmetrics In Academic Libraries 

      Byl, Lauren; Gordon, Shannon (2016-01-28)
      As the NISO Alternative Assessment Metrics (Altmetrics) Initiative develops standards surrounding altmetrics, it is necessary to consider the relevance of altmetrics to the research community, including academic libraries. ...
    • Inevitably Wikipedia 

      Robichaud, Danielle (2019-10-24)
      Broad overview of editing Wikipedia through an archival lens, including contributing to the Wikimedia Commons.
    • Integrating Equity and Reconciliation Work into Archival Descriptive Practice at the University of Waterloo 

      Robichaud, Danielle (Archivaria, 2021-06)
      Despite sustained calls for a critical review of harmful content within archival descriptive records, there remains much to be explored by way of implications for Canadian academic archives. This article addresses the ...
    • Investigating BIBFRAME: New Bibliographic Framework Initiative 

      Hitchens, Alison; Rudnik, Aida; Carr, Christopher (2016-01-28)
      This item represents one section, as presented by Alison Hitchens, of the following presentation: Hitchens, A., Rudnik, A., Carr, C. (2016, January 28). Investigating BIBFRAME. Session presented at OLA Superconference, ...
    • Library Impact Practice Brief: Supporting Bibliometric Data Needs at Academic Institutions. 

      Gordon, Shannon; Hitchens, Alison (Association of Research Libraries, 2020-10-28)
      This practice brief presents research conducted by staff at the University of Waterloo Library as part of the library’s participation in ARL’s Research Library Impact Framework initiative. The research addressed the question, ...
    • Making Connections at the Personal & Curricular Levels 

      Gordon, Shannon; MacDonald, Kathy; Stapleton, Jackie (2013-04-19)
      Making personal connections and building relationships. Connecting people to information at points of need is at the heart of what we do. As Health Sciences Liaison Librarians at the University of Waterloo, these Librarians ...
    • Migrating Archival Descriptive Records to AtoM: The Good, the Bad and the Yikes 

      Robichaud, Danielle (Archives Association of Ontario, 2020-10)
      Special Collections & Archives at the University of Waterloo Library began migrating from a series of internal descriptive databases to a public facing instance of AtoM in 2016. This article provides an overview of the ...
    • Missed connections: looking for everything in the archives 

      Robichaud, Danielle (Active History, 2017-06-26)
      Archivists are commonly asked by researchers to produce everything available about a particular topic. While understandable from a researcher standpoint, fulfilling the request is a challenge. Unlike library holdings, ...
    • Mobile Device Use in Pharmacy: A Multi-Institutional Study 

      Duncan, Vicky; Vokey, Sherri; Gordon, Shannon; Helwig, Melissa; Chatterley, Trish (The Editorial Board of the Journal of the Canadian Health Libraries Association, 2015)
      Although there are studies that explore the use of mobile devices by physicians and pharmacists, there has not been a study to date that examines the prevalence and usage patterns of mobile devices amongst pharmacy students ...
    • More Knowledge on the Go: A Survey of Mobile Device Usage in Pharmacy 

      Chatterley, Trish; Duncan, Vicky; Barrett, Ann; Dupont, Patrice; Gordon, Shannon; Hatch, Kelly; Helwig, Melissa; Vokey, Sherri (2013-05-23)
      Although there are studies that explore the use of mobile devices by physicians and pharmacists, there has not been a study to date that examines the prevalence and usage patterns of mobile devices amongst pharmacy students ...
    • “My pharmacist”: Creating and maintaining relationship between physicians and pharmacists in primary care settings 

      Mercer, Kathryn; Neiterman, Elena; Guirguis, Lisa; Burns, Catherine; Grindrod, Kelly (Elsevier, 2020-01)
      Background Pharmacists and physicians are being increasingly encouraged to adopt a collaborative approach to patient care, and delivery of health services. Strong collaboration between pharmacists and physicians is known ...


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