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    • Decoupling of a neutron interferometer from temperature gradients 

      Saggu, Parminder; Mineeva, Taisiya; Arif, Muhammad; Cory, David G.; Haun, Robert; Heacock, Benjamin; Huber, Michael G.; Li, Ke; Nsofini, Joachim; Sarenac, Dusan; Shahi, Chandra B.; Skavysh, Vladimir; Snow, W. Michael; Werner, Samuel A.; Young, Albert R.; Pushin, Dimitry A. (AIP Publishing, 2016-12-16)
      Neutron interferometry enables precision measurements that are typically operated within elaborate, multi-layered facilities which provide substantial shielding from environmental noise. These facilities are necessary to ...
    • Far-field interference of a neutron white beam and the applications to noninvasive phase-contrast imaging 

      Pushin, Dimitry A.; Sarenac, Dusan; Hussey, Daniel S.; Miao, Haixing; Arif, Muhammad; Cory, David G.; Huber, Michael G.; Jacobson, David L.; LaManna, Jacob M.; Parker, Joseph D.; Shinohara, Takenao; Ueno, Wataru; Wen, Han (American Physical Society, 2017-04-26)
      The phenomenon of interference plays a crucial role in the field of precision measurement science. Waveparticle duality has expanded the well-known interference effects of electromagnetic waves to massive particles. The ...
    • Holography with a neutron interferometer 

      Sarenac, Dusan; Huber, Michael G.; Heacock, Benjamin; Arif, Muhammad; Clark, Charles W.; Cory, David G.; Shahi, Chandra B.; Pushin, Dimitry A. (The Optical Society, 2016-10-03)
      We use a Mach-Zehnder interferometer to perform neutron holography of a spiral phase plate. The object beam passes through a spiral phase plate, acquiring the phase twist characteristic of orbital angular momentum states. ...
    • Increased interference fringe visibility from the post-fabrication heat treatment of a perfect crystal silicon neutron interferometer 

      Heacock, Benjamin; Arif, Muhammad; Cory, David G.; Gnaeupel-Herold, Thomas; Haun, Robert; Huber, Michael G.; Jamer, Michelle E.; Nsofini, Joachim; Pushin, Dimitry A.; Sarenac, Dusan; Taminiau, Ivan; Young, Albert R. (AIP Publishing, 2018-02-08)
      We find that annealing a previously chemically etched interferometer at 800 degrees C dramatically increased the interference fringe visibility from 23% to 90%. The Bragg plane misalignments were also measured before and ...
    • Neutron Interferometry at the National Institute of Standards and Technology 

      Pushin, Dimitry A.; Huber, Michael G.; Arif, Muhammad; Shahi, Chandra B.; Nsofini, Joachim; Wood, Christopher J.; Sarenac, Dusan; Cory, David G. (Hindawi, 2015)
      Neutron interferometry has proved to be a very precise technique for measuring the quantum mechanical phase of a neutron caused by a potential energy difference between two spatially separated neutron paths inside ...
    • Neutron limit on the strongly-coupled chameleon field 

      Li, Ke; Arif, Muhammad; Cory, David G.; Haun, Robert; Heacock, Benjamin; Huber, Michael G.; Nsofini, Joachim; Pushin, Dimitry A.; Saggu, Parminder; Sarenac, Dusan; Shahi, Chandra B.; Skavysh, Vladimir; Snow, W. Michael; Young, Albert R. (American Physical Society, 2016-03-11)
      The physical origin of the dark energy that causes the accelerated expansion rate of the Universe is one of the major open questions of cosmology. One set of theories postulates the existence of a self-interacting scalar ...
    • Noise refocusing in a five-blade neutron interferometer 

      Nsofini, Joachim; Sarenac, Dusan; Ghofrani, Kamyar; Huber, Michael G.; Arif, Muhammad; Cory, David G.; Pushin, Dimitry A. (AIP Publishing, 2017-08-07)
      We provide a quantum information description of a proposed five-blade neutron interferometer geometry and show that it is robust against low-frequency mechanical vibrations and dephasing due to the dynamical phase. The ...
    • The PROSPECT reactor antineutrino experiment 

      Ashenfelter, J.; Balantekin, A. B.; Baldenegro, C.; Band, H. R.; Bass, C. D.; Bergeron, D. E.; Berish, D.; Bignell, L. J.; Bowden, N. S.; Boyle, J.; Bricco, J.; Brodsky, J. P.; Bryan, C. D.; Bykadorova Telles, A.; Cherwinka, J. J.; Classen, T.; Commeford, K.; Conant, A.; Cox, A. A.; Davee, D.; Dean, D.; Deichert, G.; Diwan, M. V.; Dolinski, M. J.; Erickson, A.; Febbraro, M.; Foust, B. T.; Gaison, J. K.; Galindo-Uribarri, A.; Gilbert, C.; Gilje, K.; Glenn, A.; Goddard, B. W.; Hackett, B.; Han, K.; Hans, S.; Hansell, A. B.; Heeger, K. M.; Heffron, B.; Insler, J.; Jaffe, D. E.; Ji, X.; Jones, D. C.; Koehler, K.; Kyzylova, O.; Lane, C. E.; Langford, T. J.; LaRosa, J.; Littlejohn, B. R.; Lopez, F.; Lu, X.; Martinez Caicedo, D. A.; Matta, J. T.; McKeown, R. D.; Mendenhall, M.; Miller, H. J.; Minock, J.; Mueller, P. E.; Mumm, H. P.; Napolitano, J.; Neilson, R.; Nikkel, J. A.; Norcini, D.; Nour, S.; Pushin, Dimitry A.; Qian, X.; Romero-Romero, E.; Rosero, R.; Sarenac, Dusan; Seilhan, B.; Sharma, R.; Surukuchi, P. T.; Trinh, C.; Tyra, M. A.; Varner, R. L.; Viren, B.; Wagner, J. M.; Wang, W.; White, B.; White, C.; Wilhelmi, J.; Wise, T.; Yao, H.; Yeh, M.; Yen, Y.-R.; Zhang, A.; Zhang, C.; Zhang, X.; Zhao, M. (Elsevier, 2019-04-01)
      The Precision Reactor Oscillation and Spectrum Experiment, PROSPECT, is designed to make both a precise measurement of the antineutrino spectrum from a highly-enriched uranium reactor and to probe eV-scale sterile neutrinos ...
    • Quantum-information approach to dynamical diffraction theory 

      Nsofini, Joachim; Ghofrani, Kamyar; Sarenac, Dusan; Cory, David G.; Pushin, Dimitry A. (American Physical Society, 2016-12-08)
      We present a simplified model for dynamical diffraction of particles through a periodic thick perfect crystal based on repeated application of a coherent beam-splitting unitary at coarse-grained lattice sites. By demanding ...
    • Spin-orbit states of neutron wave packets 

      Nsofini, Joachim; Sarenac, Dusan; Wood, Christopher J.; Cory, David G.; Arif, Muhammad; Clark, Charles W.; Huber, Michael G.; Pushin, Dimitry A. (American Physical Society, 2016-07-13)
      We propose amethod to prepare an entangled spin-orbit state between the spin and the orbital angular momenta of a neutron wave packet. This spin-orbit state is created by passing neutrons through the center of a quadrupole ...
    • Structured Beams as Quantum Probes 

      Sarenac, Dusan (University of Waterloo, 2018-06-15)
      This thesis describes several projects under the common theme of generating and manipulating the spatial quantum phase structure of matter and electromagnetic waves. Experiments dealing with the following topics are ...
    • Three Phase-Grating Moire Neutron Interferometer for Large Interferometer Area Applications 

      Sarenac, Dusan; Pushin, Dimitry A.; Huber, Michael G.; Hussey, Daniel S.; Miao, Haixing; Arif, Muhammad; Cory, David G.; Cronin, Alex D.; Heacock, Benjamin; Jacobson, David L.; LaManna, Jacob M.; Wen, Han (American Physical Society, 2018-03-12)
      We demonstrate a three phase-grating moire neutron interferometer in a highly intense neutron beam as a robust candidate for large area interferometry applications and for the characterization of materials. This novel ...


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