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    • Attributed Intelligence 

      Kryven, Marta (University of Waterloo, 2018-01-31)
      Human beings quickly and confidently attribute more or less intelligence to one another. What is meant by intelligence when they do so? And what are the surface features of human behaviour that determine their judgements? ...
    • Exploring the Potential of Wrist-Worn Gesture Sensing 

      Liu, Qi Feng (University of Waterloo, 2018-01-22)
      This thesis aims to explore the potential of wrist-worn gesture sensing. There has been a large amount of work on gesture recognition in the past utilizing different kinds of sensors. However, gesture sets tested across ...
    • Smart-Meter Enabled Estimation and Prediction of Outdoor Residential Water Consumption 

      Platsko, Valerie (University of Waterloo, 2018-01-22)
      Smart meter technology allows frequent measurements of water consumption at a household level. This greater availability of data allows improved analysis of patterns of residential water consumption, which is important ...
    • Strategic Voting and Social Networks 

      Tsang, Alan (University of Waterloo, 2018-01-19)
      With the ever increasing ubiquity of social networks in our everyday lives, comes an increasing urgency for us to understand their impact on human behavior. Social networks quantify the ways in which we communicate with ...
    • Improvements to Transitive-Closure-based Model Checking in Alloy 

      Farheen, Sabria (University of Waterloo, 2018-01-19)
      Model checking, which refers to the verification of temporal properties of a transition system, is a common formal method for verifying models. Transitive-closure-based model checking (TCMC), developed by Vakili et al., ...
    • Extracting Non-Functional Requirements from Unstructured Text 

      Ezami, Sahba (University of Waterloo, 2018-01-18)
      Non-functional requirements (NFRs) of a software system describe desired quality attributes rather than specific user-visible features; NFRs model stakeholder expectations about pervasive system properties such as performance, ...
    • Concurrency in C∀ 

      Delisle, Thierry (University of Waterloo, 2018-01-18)
      C∀ is a modern, non-object-oriented extension of the C programming language. This thesis serves as a definition and an implementation for the concurrency and parallelism C∀ offers. These features are created from scratch ...
    • On the Bluish Appearance of Veins 

      Van Leeuwen, Spencer (University of Waterloo, 2018-01-18)
      The bluish appearance of veins located immediately beneath the skin has long been a topic of interest for biomedical optics researchers. Despite this interest, a thorough identification of the specific optical processes ...
    • Stream WatDiv - A Streaming RDF Benchmark 

      Gao, Libo (University of Waterloo, 2018-01-18)
      Modern applications are required to process stream data which are semantically tagged. Sometimes static background data interlinked with stream data are also needed to answer the query. To meet these requirements, streaming ...
    • Filtering overfitted automatically-generated patches by using automated test generation 

      Zhikhartsev, Alexey (University of Waterloo, 2018-01-17)
      "Generate-and-Validate'' (G&V) approaches to automatic program repair first generate candidate patches and then validate the patches against a test suite. Current G&V tools accept the first patch that passes all the test ...
    • StyleCounsel: Seeing the (Random) Forest for the Trees in Adversarial Code Stylometry 

      McKnight, Christopher (University of Waterloo, 2018-01-12)
      Authorship attribution has piqued the interest of scholars for centuries, but had historically remained a matter of subjective opinion, based upon examination of handwriting and the physical document. Midway through the ...
    • Viscous Liquid Animation with Spatially Adaptive Grids 

      Yipeng, Wang (University of Waterloo, 2018-01-08)
      Viscous fluid behaviors are among the most complex yet familiar physical phenomena we encounter in everyday life. Much attention and investigation has been paid to the creation of visually realistic results, especially ...
    • Using Least Squares to Construct Improved Clough-Tocher Interpolant 

      Fang, Xiang (University of Waterloo, 2018-01-08)
      In this thesis, a quartic Clough-Tocher interpolation scheme is introduced, and additional modifications, to adjust the macro-boundary and the order of continuity across domain triangles, are provided to improve both the ...
    • The use of machine learning algorithms in recommender systems: A systematic review 

      Portugal, Ivens; Alencar, Alencar; Cowan, Donald (Elsevier, 2018-05-01)
      Recommender systems use algorithms to provide users with product or service recommendations. Recently, these systems have been using machine learning algorithms from the field of artificial intelligence. However, choosing ...
    • Affective Sentiment and Emotional Analysis of Pull Request Comments on GitHub 

      Rishi, Deepak (University of Waterloo, 2017-12-15)
      Sentiment and emotional analysis on online collaborative software development forums can be very useful to gain important insights into the behaviors and personalities of the developers. Such information can later on be ...
    • Efficient Structure-aware OLAP Query Processing over Large Property Graphs 

      Zhang, Yan (University of Waterloo, 2017-12-14)
      Property graph model is a semantically rich model for real-world applications that represent their data as graphs, e.g., communication networks, social networks, financial transaction networks. On-Line Analytical Processing ...
    • Securing Cloud Computations with Oblivious Primitives from Intel SGX 

      Sasy, Sajin (University of Waterloo, 2017-12-12)
      We are witnessing a confluence between applied cryptography and secure hardware systems in enabling secure cloud computing. On one hand, work in applied cryptography has enabled efficient, oblivious data-structures and ...
    • A Positive-definite Cut-cell Method for Strong Two-way Coupling Between Fluids and Deformable Bodies 

      Zarifi, Omar; Batty, Christopher (Association for Computing Machinery, 2017-07-28)
      We present a new approach to simulation of two-way coupling between inviscid free surface fluids and deformable bodies that exhibits several notable advantages over previous techniques. By fully incorporating the dynamics ...
    • A Multi-scale Model for Simulating Liquid-hair Interactions 

      Fei, Yun (Raymond); Maia, Henrique Teles; Batty, Christopher; Zheng, Changxi; Grinspun, Eitan (Association for Computing Machinery, 2017-07-20)
      The diverse interactions between hair and liquid are complex and span multiple length scales, yet are central to the appearance of humans and animals in many situations. We therefore propose a novel multi-component simulation ...
    • Variational Stokes: A Unified Pressure-viscosity Solver for Accurate Viscous Liquids 

      Larionov, Egor; Batty, Christopher; Bridson, Robert (Association for Computing Machinery, 2017-07-20)
      We propose a novel unsteady Stokes solver for coupled viscous and pressure forces in grid-based liquid animation which yields greater accuracy and visual realism than previously achieved. Modern fluid simulators treat ...


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