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    • APPENDIX to DRAMbulism: Balancing Performance and Predictability through Dynamic Pipelining 

      Mirosanlou, Reza; Hassan, Mohamed; Pellizzoni, Rodolfo (2020-03-02)
      Worst-case execution bounds for real-time programs are highly impacted by the latency of accessing hardware shared resources, such as off-chip DRAM. While many different memory controller designs have been proposed in the ...
    • Appendix to: Dynamic Memory Bandwidth Allocation For Real-Time GPU-Based SOC Platforms 

      Aghilinasab, Homa; Ali, Waqar; Yun, Heechul; Pellizzoni, Rodolfo (2020)
      Appendix to: Dynamic Memory Bandwidth Allocation For Real-Time GPU-Based SOC Platforms
    • Astra Version 1.0: Evaluating Translations from Alloy to SMT-LIB 

      Abbassi, Ali; Day, Nancy A.; Rayside, Derek (2019-06-13)
      We present a variety of translation options for converting Alloy to SMT-LIB via Alloy’s Kodkod interface. Our translations, which are implemented in a library that we call Astra, are based on converting the set and relational ...
    • Data Scratchpad Prefetching for Real-time Systems 

      Soliman, Muhammad Refaat Sedky; Pellizzoni, Rodolfo (2017-05-01)
      In recent years, the real-time community has produced a variety of approaches targeted at managing on- chip memory (scratchpads and caches) in a predictable way. However, to obtain safe Worst-Case Execution Time (WCET) ...
    • Energy Consumption Analysis of XRP Validator 

      Roma, Crystal; Hasan, M. Anwar (2020)
      The XRP Ledger is an open-source payment system with a primary focus on providing an efficient cross-border payment network. The network achieves distributed consensus and prevents double-spending all while remaining ...
    • Ethical Tech Innovation: Uniting Educational Initiatives and Professional Practice 

      Love, Heather; Lajoie, Jason; Boger, Jennifer (Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada, 2021-08)
      Engineers and other workers at the forefront of technological innovation play a central role in shaping the future of our digital economy, and the COVID-19 pandemic has revealed with stark clarity the urgent need for ethical ...
    • Fatigue Life Prediction of an Automotive Chassis System with Combined Hardening Material Model 

      George, John K.; Gross, Daniel; Jahed, Hamid; Roostaei, Ali Asghar (Society of Automotive Engineers, 2016-04-05)
      The choice of an appropriate material model with parameters derived from testing and proper modeling of stress-strain response during cyclic loading are the critical steps for accurate fatigue-life prediction of complex ...
    • HopliteRT Source Queuing Bound Correction 

      Elmor Lang, Ian; Pellizzoni, Rodolfo; Kapre, Nachiket (2020)
      We present a correction to the analytical source queuing bound for HopliteRT [1], [2], which addresses the counter-example put forward in Section IV-D of [3] by taking the effect of the in-flight jitter suffered by data ...
    • Worst Case Latency Analysis for Hoplite FPGA-based NoC 

      Wasly, Saud; Pellizzoni, Rodolfo; Kapre, Nachiket (2017-10-30)
      Overlay NoCs, such as Hoplite, are cheap to implement on an FPGA but provide no bounds on worst-case routing latency of packets traversing the NoC due to deflection routing. In this paper, we show how to adapt Hoplite to ...


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