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    • Sulfur biogeochemistry in a constructed fen peatland in the Athabasca Oil Sands Region, Alberta, Canada 

      Osman, Fares (University of Waterloo, 2018-05-14)
      In peatlands, increased sulfate (SO42-) availability can stimulate dissimilatory SO42- reduction (DSR), allowing it to become a prominent anaerobic carbon (C) mineralization process. In turn, methane emissions may be ...
    • Sulfur-based cathodes operated at strict cycling conditions for Li-based batteries 

      Li, Matthew (University of Waterloo, 2020-08-05)
      With widespread investments from the transportation sectors, the electrification of a significant portion of the transportation market appears to be on the horizon. However, the range and price of these vehicles remains a ...
    • Sulla's Tabularium 

      Irwin, Sean (University of Waterloo, 2010-04-28)
      This thesis examines the Tabularium in Rome. Very little is written about this building, despite its imposing size and commanding location at the juncture of the Forum Romanum and the two crests of the Capitoline hill. It ...
    • Sulphide Stress Cracking in X80 Pipeline Steel Welds 

      Kisaka, Yuji (University of Waterloo, 2020-11-09)
      The utilization of high strength linepipes provides various benefits, including reducing construction cost, and operational cost. On the other hand, the girth welds for such pipelines are welded onsite, and simultaneously ...
    • Sulphur Removal Characteristics from a Commercial NOx Storage/Reduction Catalyst 

      Kisinger, Darren (University of Waterloo, 2009-05-15)
      The ability to effectively remove sulphur from sulphur-poisoned NOx storage/reduction (NSR) catalysts, while minimizing associated fuel penalties and thermal degradation, is important for commercial application of NSR ...
    • Sum-of-norms clustering: theoretical guarantee and post-processing 

      Jiang, Tao (University of Waterloo, 2020-09-11)
      Sum-of-norms clustering is a method for assigning n points in d-dimensional real space to K clusters, using convex optimization. Recently, Panahi et al. proved that sum-of-norms clustering is guaranteed to recover a mixture ...
    • Sun Bathing in the Salt Pond Re-making the Image of Tropical Tourism in Antigua and Barbuda 

      Donaldson, Sarah Robyn (University of Waterloo, 2018-01-19)
      A tropical paradise – lush green palm trees and white sandy beaches – is what comes to mind when a tourist envisions the perfect Caribbean destination. Yet, ironically this idealized nature is highly transformed by tourism ...
    • Sun, Shell, Mirror: Hiding Spaces in the Court of France 

      Houle, Edward (University of Waterloo, 2007-08-20)
      If privacy, and even secrecy, are critical components of the domestic interior, then what is the shape taken by the domestic architecture of people who must uphold high standards of individual transparency? Monarchs and ...
    • SunSpot: A Spatial Decision Support Web-Application for Exploring Urban Solar Energy Potential 

      Blakey, Andrew (University of Waterloo, 2013-04-30)
      The growing necessity for meaningful climate change response has encouraged the development of global warming mitigation and adaptation initiatives. Urban solar energy generation is one opportunity that has been investigated ...
    • Super GTA: Urban Implications of Ontario's Greenbelt 

      Martin, Edward Johnson (University of Waterloo, 2006)
      In early 2005, increasing social and infrastructural costs associated with the rapidly expanding Greater Toronto Area [GTA] pressed the Province of Ontario to initiate a growth management strategy for the region. The ...
    • Super Ordinary 

      Lee, John Jeong-Bum (University of Waterloo, 2011-04-21)
      Ordinary life oscillates between dichotomies: from work to leisure, from reality to fantasy, from private to public. These are distinct worlds that bring order to the chaos of experience; their boundaries contain what ...
    • Super Resolution of HARDI images Using Compressed Sensing Techniques 

      Lum, Eric (University of Waterloo, 2015-04-22)
      Effective techniques of inferring the condition of neural tracts in the brain is invaluable for clinicians and researchers towards investigation of neurological disorders in patients. It was not until the advent of diffusion ...
    • Super-fine Powdered Activated Carbon for the Removal of Microcystin-LR from Drinking Water 

      Golchi, Mohammadsina (University of Waterloo, 2021-11-24)
      Harmful algal blooms are considered threats to drinking water quality. During drinking water treatment, suspended and dissolved materials must be removed and treated, and in the case of cyanobacteria, these are intact cells ...
    • Superconducting Microwave Filters 

      Setoodeh, Sormeh (University of Waterloo, 2011-02-22)
      Superconducting microelectronics (SME) technology has the potential of realizing very high speed digital receivers capable of performing direct digitization of radio frequency signals with very low power consumption. The ...
    • Superconducting Nanostructures for Quantum Detection of Electromagnetic Radiation 

      Jafari Salim, Amir (University of Waterloo, 2014-05-09)
      In this thesis, superconducting nanostructures for quantum detection of electromagnetic radiation are studied. In this regard, electrodynamics of topological excitations in 1D superconducting nanowires and 2D superconducting ...
    • Superconducting Resonator with Composite Film and Circuit Layout Design for Quantum Information 

      Tang, Yongchao (University of Waterloo, 2017-08-29)
      The full manipulation of a quantum system can endow us with the power of computing in exponentially increased state space without exponential growth of physical resources. High-quality, innovative superconducting films ...
    • Superconvergence, Superaccuracy, and Stability of the Discontinuous Galerkin Finite Element Method 

      Chalmers, Noel (University of Waterloo, 2015-09-08)
      This thesis is concerned with the investigation of the superconvergence, superaccuracy, and stability properties of the discontinuous Galerkin (DG) finite element method in one and two dimensions. We propose a novel method ...
    • Supercooling and Freezing of HNO3/H2O Aerosols 

      Dickens, Dustin (University of Waterloo, 2000)
      The freezing kinetics of binary nitric acid/water aerosols is of fundamental importance to the modelling of polar stratospheric clouds and the role they in ozone depletion over the Arctic/Antarctic regions. Cirrus clouds ...
    • Supercritical Fluid Assisted Recovery of Organometallic Catalysts from Polymers 

      Yang, Lijuan (University of Waterloo, 2012-05-18)
      The recovery of organometallic catalysts from polymer matrices is of great importance in promoting the application of homogeneous catalysts in industry. Such a green recovery technique will not only popularize the techniques ...
    • Supercritical thermodynamic property evaluation via adaptive mesh tabulation 

      Mupparapu, Sai Praneeth (University of Waterloo, 2019-01-30)
      Obtaining accurate computational simulations of fluid flows with a complex thermodynamic behaviour is difficult. This is partly due to the non-linear variation of thermophysical properties in the vicinity of critical point. ...


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