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dc.contributor.authorZgid, Dominika 14:29:02 (GMT) 14:29:02 (GMT)
dc.description.abstractDespite the success of modern quantum chemistry in predicting properties of organic molecules, the treatment of inorganic systems, which have many close lying states, remains out of quantitative reach for current methods. To treat non-dynamic correlation, we take advantage of the density matrix renormalization group (DMRG) method that has become very successful in the field of solid state physics. We present a detailed study of the DMRG method, and we pay special attention to the evolution of the understanding behind the mathematical structure of the DMRG wave function. Our primary goal is to develop a density matrix renormalization group self--consistent--field (DMRG-SCF) approach, analogous to the complete active space self--consistent field (CASSCF) method, but dealing with large active spaces that are too demanding for the full configuration interaction (FCI) method. As a first step towards such a DMRG-SCF procedure, we present a spin-adapted DMRG algorithm designed to target spin- and spatial-symmetry states that are hard to obtain while using an unrestricted algorithm. Our next step is a modification of the DMRG algorithm to obtain decreasing energy at every step during the sweep. This monotonically convergent DMRG scheme lets us obtain the two-body density matrix as a by--product of the existing procedure without any additional cost in storage. Additionally, the two-body density matrix produced at convergence using this scheme is free from the N-representability problem that is present when the two--body density matrix is produced with the two-site DMRG scheme without additional storage cost. Finally, taking advantage of the modifications developed herein, we present results obtained from our DMRG-SCF method. Lastly, we discuss possible ways of incorporating dynamical correlation into the DMRG scheme, in order to obtain a modern multireference approach.en
dc.publisherUniversity of Waterlooen
dc.subjectdensity matrix renormlization group methoden
dc.subjectorbital optimizationen
dc.subjectquantum chemistryen
dc.titleAdvances in the density matrix renormalization group method for use in quantum chemistryen
dc.typeDoctoral Thesisen
uws-etd.degreeDoctor of Philosophyen

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