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  • An Anisotropic Subgrid-Scale Parameterization for Large-Eddy Simulations of Stratified Turbulence 

    Khani, Sina; Waite, Michael L (AMS, 2020-10-01)
    Subgrid-scale (SGS) parameterizations in atmosphere and ocean models are often defined independently in the horizontal and vertical directions because the grid spacing is not the same in these directions (anisotropic ...
  • Resolution Dependence and Subfilter-Scale Motions in Idealized Squall-Line Simulations 

    Lai, Kwan Tsaan; Waite, Michael L (AMS, 2020-07-08)
    In this paper, the sensitivity of idealized squall-line simulations to horizontal resolution, subgrid turbulence mixing scheme, and subfilter-scale motion is discussed. Inconsistent results from numerical simulations ...
  • Normal Mode Spectra of Idealized Baroclinic Waves 

    Ambacher, Matthew R.; Waite, Michael L (AMS, 2020-02-01)
    Normal modes are used to investigate the contributions of geostrophic vortices and inertia–gravity waves to the energy spectrum of an idealized baroclinic wave simulation. The geostrophic and ageostrophic modal spectra ...
  • Realizing Surface-Driven Flows in the Primitive Equations 

    Bembenek, Eric; Poulin, Francis J.; Waite, Michael L (AMS, 2015-05-01)
    The surface quasigeostrophic (SQG) model describes flows with surface buoyancy perturbations with no interior quasigeostrophic potential vorticity at small Rossby number Ro and O(1) Burger number, where quasigeostrophic ...
  • Dependence of Model Energy Spectra on Vertical Resolution 

    Waite, Michael L (AMS, 2016-04-01)
    Many high-resolution atmospheric models can reproduce the qualitative shape of the atmospheric kinetic energy spectrum, which has a power-law slope of −3 at large horizontal scales that shallows to approximately −5/3 in ...

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