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    • Complexity of Proper Prefix-Convex Regular Languages 

      Brzozowski, Janusz; Sinnamon, Corwin (Springer, 2017-06-27)
      A language L over an alphabet Σ is prefix-convex if, for any words x,y,z∈Σ∗, whenever x and xyz are in L, then so is xy. Prefix-convex languages include right-ideal, prefix-closed, and prefix-free languages, which were ...
    • In Search Of Most Complex Regular Languages 

      Brzozowski, Janusz (World Scientific Publishing, 2013-09-01)
      Sequences (L-n vertical bar n >= k), called streams, of regular languages L-n are considered, where k is some small positive integer, n is the state complexity of L-n, and the languages in a stream differ only in the ...
    • Most Complex Non-returning Regular Languages 

      Brzozowski, Janusz; Davies, Sylvie (Springer, 2017-07-03)
      A regular language L is non-returning if in the minimal deterministic finite automaton accepting it there are no transitions into the initial state. Eom, Han and Jirásková derived upper bounds on the state complexity of ...
    • Theory Of Atomata 

      Brzozowski, Janusz; Tamm, Hellis (Elsevier, 2014-06-19)
      We show that every regular language defines a unique nondeterministic finite automaton (NFA), which we call "atomaton", whose states are the "atoms" of the language, that is, non-empty intersections of complemented or ...


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