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    • Privatizing Security, Securitizing Policing: The Case of the G20 in Toronto, Canada 

      Kitchen, Veronica; Rygiel, Kim (Wiley, 2014-06)
      Allegations of police brutality, unlawful detention, and other breaches of civil liberties during the G20 in Toronto in June 2010 provide an important case through which to understand the changing nature of security and ...
    • Probability distribution of the seismic damage cost over the life cycle of structures 

      Pandey, Mahesh D.; van der Weide, J. A. M. (Elsevier, 2018-05-01)
      In the life-cycle analysis, the total cost of damage caused by earthquakes is a significant but highly uncertain component. In the current literature, the seismic risk analysis is largely limited to the evaluation of the ...
    • Probing Side Chain Dynamics of Branched Macromolecules by Pyrene Excimer Fluorescence 

      Farhangi, Shiva; Duhamel, Jean (American Chemical Society, 2016-01-12)
      Four different pyrene-labeled polymers were prepared by radical copolymerization of n-butyl methacrylate (BMA) and 1-pyrenemethyl methacrylate (PyEG(0)-MA), 1-pyrenemethoxyethyl methacrylate (PyEG(1)-MA), 1-pyrene-methox ...
    • Probing the Interactions between Mimics of Pour Point Depressants (PPDs) and Viscosity Index Improvers (VIIs) in Engine Oil Using Fluorescently Labeled PPDs 

      Gholami, Kiarash; Jiang, Sheng; Duhamel, Jean (American Chemical Society, 2019-03-18)
      The level of interpolymeric interactions experienced by a pyrene-labeled poly(octadecyl methacrylate) labeled with 6.7 mol% of 1-pyrenebutanol (Py(6.7)-PC18MA) was characterized by fluorescence in the presence of an amorphous ...
    • The Problem of History in the Age of Abundance 

      Milligan, Ian (The Chronicle of Higher Education, 2016-12-11)
      Our collective cultural heritage faces a serious problem: In the digital age, we can document and "remember" more than ever before. But the scale of historical material is so huge that it will decisively change how scholars ...
    • A procedure for determining parameters of a simplified ligament model 

      Barrett, Jeffery; Callaghan, Jack P. (Elsevier, 2017-11-03)
      A previous mathematical model of ligament force-generation treated their behavior as a population of collagen fibres arranged in parallel. When damage was ignored in this model, an expression for ligament force in terms ...
    • Procedure-specific Risks of Thrombosis and Bleeding in Urological Non-cancer Surgery: Systematic Review and Meta-analysis 

      Tikkinen, Kari A. O.; Craigie, Samantha; Agarwal, Arnav; Siemieniuk, Reed A. C.; Cartwright, Rufus; Violette, Philippe D.; Novara, Giacomo; Naspro, Richard; Agbassi, Chika; Ali, Bassel; Imam, Maha; Ismaila, Nofisat; Kam, Denise; Gould, Michael K.; Sandset, Per Morten; Guyatt, Gordon H. (Elsevier, 2018-02-01)
      Context Pharmacological thromboprophylaxis involves a trade-off between a reduction in venous thromboembolism (VTE) and increased bleeding. No guidance specific for procedure and patient factors exists in urology. Objective ...
    • Process parameters for hot stamping of AA7075 and D-7xxx to achieve high performance aged products 

      Omer, Kaab; Abolhasani, Atekeh; Kim, Samuel; Nikdejad, Tirdad; Butcher, Clifford; Wells, Mary; Esmaeili, Shahrzad; Worswick, Michael (Elsevier, 2018-07)
      This work examines the necessary process parameters for die quenching (DQ) during hot stamping and subsequent age hardening and paint bake cycle (PBC) response for two alloys: AA7075 and a developmental 7xxx alloy (referred ...
    • Process Planning for Additive Manufacturing of Geometries with Variable Overhang Angles using a Robotic Laser Directed Energy Deposition system 

      Kaji, Farzaneh; Jinoop, Arackal Narayanan; Zimny, Mark; Frikel, German; Tam, Kyle; Toyserkani, Ehsan (Elsevier, 2022-01)
      In the present work, a novel Laser Directed Energy Deposition (LDED) process planning methodology is proposed to build a dome structure with variable overhang angles. Overhang structures with different overhang angles were ...
    • Processability and tensile performance of continuous glass fiber/polyamide laminates for structural load-bearing applications 

      Nikforooz, M; Golzar, M; Shokrieh, Mahmood Mehrdad; Montesano, J (Elsevier, 2018-02)
      The performance of continuous E-glass/polyamide 6 laminates processed using distinct hot press moulding cycles was assessed and compared with similar E-glass/epoxy and E-glass/polypropylene laminates. The effects of peak ...
    • Profiling Metal Oxides with Lipids: Magnetic Liposomal Nanoparticles Displaying DNA and Proteins 

      Wang, Feng; Zhang, Xiaohan; Liu, Yibo; Lin, Zhi Yuan (William); Liu, Biwu; Liu, Juewen (Wiley, 2016-09-19)
      Metal oxides include many important materials with various surface properties. For biomedical and analytical applications, it is desirable to engineer their biocompatible interfaces. Herein, a phosphocholine liposome (DOPC) ...
    • Profit Maximizing Hub Location Problems 

      Taherkhani, Gita; Alumur, Sibel A. (Elsevier, 2019-07-01)
      In this paper, we study profit maximizing hub location problems. We formulate mathematical models determining the location of hubs, designing the hub networks, and routing the demand in order to maximize profit. The profit ...
    • Programmable Assembly of DNA-Functionalized Liposomes by DNA 

      Dave, Neeshma; Liu, Juewen (American Chemical Society, 2011-02-22)
      Bionanotechnology involves the use of biomolecules to control both the structure and property of nanomaterials. One of the most studied examples is DNA-directed assembly of inorganic nanoparticles such as gold nanoparticles ...
    • Progress towards Automated Human Factors Evaluation 

      Cao, Shi (Elsevier, 2015-10-23)
      Human factors tests are important components of systems design. Designers need to evaluate users’ performance and workload while using a system and compare different design options to determine the optimal design choice. ...
    • Promoting Resiliency in Emergency Communication Networks: A Network Interdiction Stylized Initial Case Study Model of a Miami-Dade County Network 

      Bartolacci, Michael R.; Dimitrov, Stanko (IGI Global, 2017)
      Police, fire, and emergency personnel rely on wireless networks to serve the public. Whether it is during a natural disaster, or just an ordinary calendar day, wireless nodes of varying types form the infrastructure that ...
    • The Proof is in the Pudding: Building a Local Repository for Online Learning Objects 

      Hale, Jordan; Weaver, Kari D. (Association of College & Research Libraries, 2021)
      Libraries are increasingly building collections of learning materials in electronic formats. As the availability grows, it becomes necessary to consider the long-term discovery, access, management, and local ownership ...
    • Proof of the Kalai-Meshulam conjecture 

      Chudnovsky, Maria; Scott, Alex; Seymour, Paul; Spirkl, Sophie (Springer Nature, 2020-07-01)
      Let G be a graph, and let fG be the sum of (−1)∣A∣, over all stable sets A. If G is a cycle with length divisible by three, then fG = ±2. Motivated by topological considerations, G. Kalai and R. Meshulam [8] made the ...
    • The PROSPECT reactor antineutrino experiment 

      Ashenfelter, J.; Balantekin, A. B.; Baldenegro, C.; Band, H. R.; Bass, C. D.; Bergeron, D. E.; Berish, D.; Bignell, L. J.; Bowden, N. S.; Boyle, J.; Bricco, J.; Brodsky, J. P.; Bryan, C. D.; Bykadorova Telles, A.; Cherwinka, J. J.; Classen, T.; Commeford, K.; Conant, A.; Cox, A. A.; Davee, D.; Dean, D.; Deichert, G.; Diwan, M. V.; Dolinski, M. J.; Erickson, A.; Febbraro, M.; Foust, B. T.; Gaison, J. K.; Galindo-Uribarri, A.; Gilbert, C.; Gilje, K.; Glenn, A.; Goddard, B. W.; Hackett, B.; Han, K.; Hans, S.; Hansell, A. B.; Heeger, K. M.; Heffron, B.; Insler, J.; Jaffe, D. E.; Ji, X.; Jones, D. C.; Koehler, K.; Kyzylova, O.; Lane, C. E.; Langford, T. J.; LaRosa, J.; Littlejohn, B. R.; Lopez, F.; Lu, X.; Martinez Caicedo, D. A.; Matta, J. T.; McKeown, R. D.; Mendenhall, M.; Miller, H. J.; Minock, J.; Mueller, P. E.; Mumm, H. P.; Napolitano, J.; Neilson, R.; Nikkel, J. A.; Norcini, D.; Nour, S.; Pushin, Dimitry A.; Qian, X.; Romero-Romero, E.; Rosero, R.; Sarenac, Dusan; Seilhan, B.; Sharma, R.; Surukuchi, P. T.; Trinh, C.; Tyra, M. A.; Varner, R. L.; Viren, B.; Wagner, J. M.; Wang, W.; White, B.; White, C.; Wilhelmi, J.; Wise, T.; Yao, H.; Yeh, M.; Yen, Y.-R.; Zhang, A.; Zhang, C.; Zhang, X.; Zhao, M. (Elsevier, 2019-04-01)
      The Precision Reactor Oscillation and Spectrum Experiment, PROSPECT, is designed to make both a precise measurement of the antineutrino spectrum from a highly-enriched uranium reactor and to probe eV-scale sterile neutrinos ...
    • Protection and Promotion of UV Radiation-Induced Liposome Leakage via DNA-Directed Assembly with Gold Nanoparticles 

      Dave, Neeshma; Liu, Juewen (Wiley, 2011-07-26)
      DNA-functionalized gold nanoparticles and liposomes are assembled by a linker DNA. The gold nanoparticles can either protect the liposome from UV radiation induced leakage or can promote the leakage, depending on the DNA ...
    • Protocol for Usability Testing and Validation of the ISO Draft International Standard 19223 for Lung Ventilators 

      Minotra, Dev; Dain, Steven L.; Burns, Catherine M. (JMIR, 2017-09-08)
      Background: Clinicians, such as respiratory therapists and physicians, are often required to set up pieces of medical equipment that use inconsistent terminology. Current lung ventilator terminology that is used by different ...


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