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    • “Wait and see” vaccinating behavior during a pandemic: a game theoretic analysis 

      Bhattacharyya, Samit; Bauch, Chris T. (Elsevier, 2011-07-26)
      During the 2009 H1N1 pandemic, many individuals adopted a “wait and see” approach to vaccinating until further information was available on the course of the pandemic and emerging vaccine risks. This behaviour implies two ...
    • Waiting Time Distributions in the Preemptive Accumulating Priority Queue 

      Fajardo, Val Andrei; Drekic, Steve (Springer, 2017-03-01)
      We consider a queueing system in which a single server attends to N priority classes of customers. Upon arrival to the system, a customer begins to accumulate priority linearly at a rate which is distinct to the class to ...
    • Walking the Talk: Editing Wikipedia with Purpose 

      Robichaud, Danielle (2020-03-10)
      Started nineteen years ago Wikipedia is one of the most visited websites on the Internet, but its popularity is not without issue. Editors are predominantly males from the global north which has led to documented systemic ...
    • Wall turbulence response to surface cooling and formation of strongly stable stratified boundary layers 

      Atoufi, Amir; Scott, K. Andrea; Waite, Michael L (AIP, 2019-08-20)
      This paper investigates the processes by which stable boundary layers are formed through strong surface cooling imposed on neutrally stratified wall-bounded turbulence using high-resolution direct numerical simulation at ...
    • Waring's problem in function fields 

      Liu, Yu-Ru; Wooley, Trevor D. (De Gruyter, 2010)
      Let Fq½t denote the ring of polynomials over the finite field Fq of characteristic p, and write Jk q ½t for the additive closure of the set of kth powers of polynomials in Fq½t. Define GqðkÞ to be the least integer s ...
    • Was Pednelissos a “Galatian Polis”? A Note on SEG II 710 and the Debate on the Location of Paul’s Galatians 

      Coskun, Altay (DergiPark Akademik, 2020-12-15)
      Scholarship is divided whether Paul’s Letter to the Galatians addresses ethnic Galatians in or around Ankyra (North Galatian hypothesis) or other inhabitants in the south of the Roman province (South Galatian hypothesis). ...
    • Wastewater to clinical case (WC) ratio of COVID-19 identifies insufficient clinical testing, onset of new variants of concern and population immunity in urban communities 

      D'Aoust, Patrick M.; Tian, Xin; Towhid, Syeda Tasneem; Xiao, Amy; Mercier, Elisabeth; Hegazy, Nada; Jia, Jian-Jun; Wan, Shen; Kabir, Md Pervez; Fang, Wanting; Fuzzen, Meghan; Hasing, Maria; Yang, Minqing Ivy; Sun, Jianxian; Plaza-Diaz, Julio; Zhang, Zhihao; Cowan, Aaron; Eid, Walaa; Stephenson, Sean; Servos, Mark. R.; Wade, Matthew J.; MacKenzie, Alex E.; Peng, Hui; Edwards, Elizabeth A.; Alm, Eric J.; Graber, Tyson E.; Delatolla, Robert (medRxiv, 2022-04-20)
      Clinical testing has been the cornerstone of public health monitoring and infection control efforts in communities throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. With the extant and anticipated reduction of clinical testing as the ...
    • Water pricing conflict in British Columbia 

      Garcia, Amanda; Hipel, Keith W.; Obeidi, Amer (Japan Society of Hydrology and Water Resources, 2017)
      The Water Sustainability Act in British Columbia, Canada is a source of conflict among citizens, the provincial government, and industrial groundwater users. The water extraction fees stipulated in the act highlight the ...
    • We Are All Digital Now: Digital Photography and the Reshaping of Historical Practice 

      Milligan, Ian (Canadian Historical Review, 2020-12)
      Visiting a reading room in the last five years is a very different experience than what it looked like even fifteen years ago: while a few researchers carefully read archival documents in situ, most are crouched over their ...
    • A Web of Expectations: Evolving Relationships in Community Participatory Geoweb Projects. 

      Johnson, Peter A.; Corbett, J.M.; Gore, C.; Robinson, P.; Allen, P.; Sieber, Renee E (2015)
      New forms of participatory online geospatial technology have the potential to support citizen engagement in governance and community development. The mechanisms of this contribution have predominantly been cast in the ...
    • A weighted Turán sieve method 

      Liu, Yu-Ru; Murty, M. Ram (Elsevier, 2006-01)
      We develop a weighted Turán sieve method and applied it to study the number of distinct prime divisors of f (p) where p is a prime and f (x) a polynomial with integer coefficients.
    • Welcome to the web: The online community of GeoCities during the early years of the World Wide Web 

      Milligan, Ian (UCL Press, 2017-03)
      As the World Wide Web entered mainstream North American society in the mid-to late 1990s, GeoCities was there to welcome users with open arms. GeoCities helped to facilitate their first steps into publishing, so they could ...
    • Well-Posedness of Boundary Control Systems 

      Cheng, Ada; Morris, Kirsten (Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics, 2003-01-01)
      Continuity of the input/output map for boundary control systems is shown through the system transfer function. Our approach transforms the question of continuity of the input/output map of a boundary control system to ...
    • A wet process for oxidation-absorption of nitric oxide by persulfate/calcium peroxide 

      Wang, Zhiping; Zhang, Yanguo; Tan, Zhongchao; Li, Qinghai (Elsevier, 2018-10-15)
      This study develops and evaluates a novel wet method for NO removal using a Na2S2O8/CaO2 solution. The effects of these two components both and alone in solution, Na2S2O8 concentration, CaO2 concentration, initial pH, ...
    • Wettability and capillary behavior of fibrous gas diffusion media for polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells 

      Gostick, Jeffrey Thomas; Ioannidis, Marios A.; Fowler, Michael W.; Pritzker, Mark D. (Elsevier, 2009-10-20)
      The relationship of capillary pressure to liquid saturation for the water-air fluid pair in two different types of gas diffusion media (GDM) used in polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell (PEMFC) electrodes is elucidated. ...
    • Wetting, adhesion and droplet impact on face masks 

      Melayil, Kiran Raj; Mitra, Sushanta K. (ACS, 2021-02-12)
      In the present pandemic time, face masks are found to be the most effective strategy against the spread of the virus within the community. As aerosol-based spreading of the virus is considered as the primary mode of ...
    • What is #LODLAM?! Understanding Linked Open Data in Libraries, Archives [and Museums] 

      Hitchens, Alison (2015-01-29)
      This session provides an overview of linked data and then explains how it can be used in libraries and archives to share our unique data on the web and to enrich the user experience by using linked data ourselves. This ...
    • When does eco-efficiency rebound or backfire? An analytical model 

      Chenavaz, Régis Y.; Dimitrov, Stanko; Figge, Frank (Elsevier, 2021-04-16)
      It is known that an eco-efficiency strategy, which saves resources in the production process, may be offset by a rebound effect; it may even backfire. Less known are the exact conditions under which eco-efficiency rebounds ...
    • When threat matters: Self-regulation, threat salience, and stereotyping 

      Stroessner, Steven J.; Scholer, Abigail A.; Marx, David M.; Weisz, Bradley M. (Elsevier, 2015-07-01)
      Four experiments examined whether information implying imminent threat to safety would interact with regulatory focus (Higgins, 1997) to affect the utilization of threat-relevant stereotypes. Because information suggesting ...
    • Which Classes of Structures are Both Pseudo-Elementary and Definable by an Infinitary Sentence 

      Boney, Will; Csima, Barbara F.; Day, Nancy A.; Harrison-Trainor, Matthew (Cambridge University Press, 2023-03-15)
      When classes of structures are not first-order definable, we might still try to find a nice description. There are two common ways for doing this. One is to expand the language, leading to notions of pseudo-elementary ...


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