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    • Label-Free Ag+ Detection by Enhancing DNA Sensitized Tb3+ Luminescence 

      Kleinke, Kimberly; Saran, Runjhun; Liu, Juewen (Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute, 2016-08-26)
      In this work, the effect of Ag+ on DNA sensitized Tb3+ luminescence was studied initially using the Ag+-specific RNA-cleaving DNAzyme, Ag10c. While we expected to observe luminescence quenching by Ag+, a significant ...
    • A New Na+-Dependent RNA-Cleaving DNAzyme with over 1000-fold Rate Acceleration by Ethanol 

      Zhou, Wenhu; Saran, Runjhun; Chen, Qingyun; Ding, Jinsong; Liu, Juewen (Wiley, 2016-01-15)
      Enzymes working in organic solvents are important for analytical chemistry, catalysis, and mechanistic studies. Although a few protein enzymes are highly active in organic solvents, little is known regarding nucleic ...
    • Searching for a DNAzyme version of the leadzyme 

      Saran, Runjhun; Chen, Qingyun; Liu, Juewen (Springer, 2015-10-12)
      The leadzyme refers to a small ribozyme that cleaves a RNA substrate in the presence of Pb2+. In an optimized form, the enzyme strand contains only two unpaired nucleotides. Most RNA-cleaving DNAzymes are much longer. Two ...
    • A Silver DNAzyme 

      Saran, Runjhun; Liu, Juewen (American Chemical Society, 2016-04-05)
      Silver is a very common heavy metal, and its detection is of significant analytical importance. DNAzymes are DNA-based catalysts; they typically recruit divalent and trivalent metal ions for catalysis. Herein, we report a ...
    • Tandem DNAzymes for mRNA cleavage: choice of enzyme, metal ions and the antisense effect 

      Wang, Feng; Saran, Runjhun; Liu, Juewen (Elsevier, 2015-04-01)
      The concept of DNAzyme-based gene silencing via mRNA cleavage was proposed over twenty years ago. A number of studies regarding intracellular gene silencing have been reported as well. However, questions have been raised ...
    • Thioflavin T fluorescence and NMR spectroscopy 1 suggesting a non-G-quadruplex structure for a 2 sodium binding aptamer embedded in DNAzymes 

      Saran, Runjhun; Piccolo, Kyle A.; He, Yanping; Kang, Yongqiang; Huang, Po-Jung Jimmy; Wei, Chunying; Chen, Da; Dieckmann, Thorsten; Liu, Juewen (Canadian Science Publishing, 2021-09-16)
      Recently, a Na+-binding aptamer was reported to be embedded in a few RNA-cleaving DNAzymes including NaA43, Ce13d and NaH1. These DNAzymes require Na+ for activity but show no activity in the presence of K+ or other metal ...


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