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    • Degradable starch nanoparticle assisted ethanol precipitation of DNA 

      Ip, Alexander C-F.; Tsai, Tsung Hao; Khimji, Imran; Huang, Po-Jung Jimmy; Liu, Juewen (Elsevier, 2014-04-18)
      Precipitation of DNA from a large volume of aqueous solution is an important step in many molecular biology and analytical chemistry experiments. Currently, this is mainly achieved by ethanol precipitation, where a long-term ...
    • DNA duplex stabilization in crowded polyanion solutions 

      Khimji, Imran; Shin, Jeehae; Liu, Juewen (Royal Society of Chemistry, 2013-02-14)
      The melting temperature of duplex DNA is much higher in polyanions than in non-ionic polymers with similar ionic strength, suggesting an additional electrostatic contribution on top of the excluded volume effect.
    • DNA in Ionic Liquids and Polyelectrolytes 

      Khimji, Imran (University of Waterloo, 2013-08-30)
      DNA has been widely studied in a variety of solvents. The majority of these solvents consist of either aqueous or organic components. The presence of ions or salts in these solvents can further alter DNA properties by ...
    • Extraction of DNA staining dyes from DNA using hydrophobic ionic liquids 

      Khimji, Imran; Doan, Krystina; Bruggeman, Kiara; Huang, Po-Jung Jimmy; Vajha, Puja; Liu, Juewen (Royal Society of Chemistry, 2013-05-18)
      The partition of oligonucleotides and DNA staining dyes into a few hydrophobic ionic liquids has been studied, where the oligonucleotides remain in the aqueous phase and all the DNA staining dyes are extracted in the ionic ...
    • Visual optical biosensors based on DNA-functionalized polyacrylamide hydrogels 

      Khimji, Imran; Kelly, Erin Y.; Helwa, Youssef; Hoang, Michael; Liu, Juewen (Elsevier, 2013-12-15)
      Biosensors are devices that can provide quantitative or semi-quantitative analytical information about target molecules, where molecular recognition is based on biomolecular interactions. In recent years, DNA has emerged ...


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