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    • Cache Oblivious Data Structures 

      Ohashi, Darin (University of Waterloo, 2001)
      This thesis discusses cache oblivious data structures. These are structures which have good caching characteristics without knowing Z, the size of the cache, or L, the length of a cache line. Since the structures do ...
    • A Collapsing Method for Efficient Recovery of Optimal Edges 

      Hu, Mike (University of Waterloo, 2002)
      In this thesis we present a novel algorithm, <I>HyperCleaning*</I>, for effectively inferring phylogenetic trees. The method is based on the quartet method paradigm and is guaranteed to recover the best supported edges ...
    • A Views-Based Design Framework for Web Applications 

      Brown, David (University of Waterloo, 2002)
      Web application design is a broad term that refers to any aspect of designing a Web application, including designing Web interfaces to data. There are a number of commercial software tools available that employ various ...
    • Autonomous Cooperating Web Crawlers 

      McLearn, Greg (University of Waterloo, 2002)
      A web crawler provides an automated way to discover web events ? creation, deletion, or updates of web pages. Competition among web crawlers results in redundant crawling, wasted resources, and less-than-timely discovery ...
    • An Architecture for Geographically-Oriented Service Discovery on the Internet 

      Li, Qiyan (University of Waterloo, 2002)
      Most of the service discovery protocols available on the Internet are built upon its logical structure. This phenomenon can be observed frequently from the way in which they behave. For instance, Jini and SLP service ...
    • Grey Level Visual Cryptography for General Access Structures 

      MacPherson, Lesley (University of Waterloo, 2002)
      Visual cryptography, first introduced by Naor and Shamir, allows a secret (black and white) image to be encoded and distributed to a set of participants such that certain predefined sets of participants may reconstruct the ...
    • Probabilistic Program Analysis for Software Component Reliability 

      Mason, Dave (University of Waterloo, 2002)
      Components are widely seen by software engineers as an important technology to address the "software crisis''. An important aspect of components in other areas of engineering is that system reliability can be estimated ...
    • Volume Visualisation Via Variable-Detail Non-Photorealistic Illustration 

      McKinley, Joanne (University of Waterloo, 2002)
      The rapid proliferation of 3D volume data, including MRI and CT scans, is prompting the search within computer graphics for more effective volume visualisation techniques. Partially because of the traditional association ...
    • Agile Architecture Recovery 

      Svetinovic, Davor (University of Waterloo, 2002)
      Many software development projects start with an existing code base that has to be tightly integrated into a new system. In order to make a robust system that will achieve the desired business goals, developers must be ...
    • Exploitation of Redundant Inverse Term Frequency for Answer Extraction 

      Lynam, Thomas (University of Waterloo, 2002)
      An automatic question answering system must find, within a corpus,short factual answers to questions posed in natural language. The process involves analyzing the question, retrieving information related to the question, ...
    • Selective Flooding in Ad Hoc Networks 

      Iu, Ming-Yee (University of Waterloo, 2002)
      An ad hoc network is a collection of mobile wireless devices that cooperate with each other to route packets amongst themselves. The main difficulty in designing routing algorithms for such a network is the large number ...
    • Ownership Masks, Evolving Views and Cooperative Templates in Template Tracking 

      Angold, Alan (University of Waterloo, 2003)
      A template tracker is a tracker based on matching a pre-initialised view of an object with the object's view in an image sequence. Using an error function, the intensity difference between the template view and the ...
    • On Fine-Grained Access Control for XML 

      Zhuo, Donghui (University of Waterloo, 2003)
      Fine-grained access control for XML is about controlling access to XML documents at the granularity of individual elements or attributes. This thesis addresses two problems related to XML access controls. The first is ...
    • Indexing Compressed Text 

      He, Meng (University of Waterloo, 2003)
      As a result of the rapid growth of the volume of electronic data, text compression and indexing techniques are receiving more and more attention. These two issues are usually treated as independent problems, but approaches ...
    • Numerical Methods for Nonlinear Equations in Option Pricing 

      Pooley, David (University of Waterloo, 2003)
      This thesis explores numerical methods for solving nonlinear partial differential equations (PDEs) that arise in option pricing problems. The goal is to develop or identify robust and efficient techniques that ...
    • Mining Topic Signals from Text 

      Al-Halimi, Reem Khalil (University of Waterloo, 2003)
      This work aims at studying the effect of word position in text on understanding and tracking the content of written text. In this thesis we present two uses of word position in text: topic word selectors and topic flow ...
    • Evaluation of Shortest Path Query Algorithm in Spatial Databases 

      Lim, Heechul (University of Waterloo, 2003)
      Many variations of algorithms for finding the shortest path in a large graph have been introduced recently due to the needs of applications like the Geographic Information System (GIS) or Intelligent Transportation System ...
    • Toward an improved understanding of software change 

      Zou, Lijie (University of Waterloo, 2003)
      Structural changes, including moving, renaming, merging and splitting are important design change decisions made by programmers. However, during the process of software evolution, this information often gets lost. ...
    • Fast Extraction of BRDFs and Material Maps from Images 

      Jaroszkiewicz, Rafal (University of Waterloo, 2003)
      The bidirectional reflectance distribution function has a four dimensional parameter space and such high dimensionality makes it impractical to use it directly in hardware rendering. When a BRDF has no analytical ...
    • Towards Automatic Initial Buffer Configuration 

      Ku, Fei Yen (University of Waterloo, 2003)
      Buffer pools are blocks of memory used in database systems to retain frequently referenced pages. Configuring the buffer pools is a difficult and manual task that involves determining the amount of memory to devote to ...


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