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    • Transitive Factorizations of Permutations and Eulerian Maps in the Plane 

      Serrano, Luis (University of Waterloo, 2005)
      The problem of counting ramified covers of a Riemann surface up to homeomorphism was proposed by Hurwitz in the late 1800's. This problem translates combinatorially into factoring a permutation with a specified cycle ...
    • Transmitting Quantum Information Reliably across Various Quantum Channels 

      Ouyang, Yingkai (University of Waterloo, 2013-05-01)
      Transmitting quantum information across quantum channels is an important task. However quantum information is delicate, and is easily corrupted. We address the task of protecting quantum information from an information ...
    • Transport Control Protocol (TCP) over Optical Burst Switched Networks 

      Shihada, Basem (University of Waterloo, 2007-07-13)
      Transport Control Protocol (TCP) is the dominant protocol in modern communication networks, in which the issues of reliability, flow, and congestion control must be handled efficiently. This thesis studies the impact of ...
    • “Transport Me Away”: Fostering Flow in Open Offices through Virtual Reality 

      Ruvimova, Anastasia; Kim, Junhyeok; Fritz, Thomas; Hancock, Mark; Shepherd, David C. (ACM, 2020-04-21)
      Open offices are cost-effective and continue to be popular. However, research shows that these environments, brimming with distractions and sensory overload, frequently hamper productivity. Our research investigates the ...
    • Transversal Problems In Sparse Graphs 

      Sun, Hao (University of Waterloo, 2022-09-20)
      Graph transversals are a classical branch of graph algorithms. In such a problem, one seeks a minimum-weight subset of nodes in a node-weighted graph $G$ which intersects all copies of subgraphs~$F$ from a fixed family ...
    • The Traveling Tournament Problem 

      Bendayan, Salomon (University of Waterloo, 2022-08-17)
      In this thesis we study the Traveling Tournament problem (TTP) which asks to generate a feasible schedule for a sports league such that the total travel distance incurred by all teams throughout the season is minimized. ...
    • TreeGen: a monotonically impure functional language 

      Hackett, Alistair Finn (University of Waterloo, 2020-08-19)
      We present TreeGen, an impure functional language designed to express, consume, and validate JSON-like documents, as well as generate text files. The language aims to provide a more reliable and flexible way to create ...
    • Triangle count estimation and label prediction over uncertain streaming graphs 

      Mohanty, Ipsita (University of Waterloo, 2024-07-09)
      This thesis aims to integrate the notions of uncertainty with graph stream process- ing, presenting probabilistic models to enhance real-time analytical capabilities in graph database systems. These systems are crucial for ...
    • Triangle-free graphs that do not contain an induced subdivision of K4 are 3-colorable 

      Chudnovsky, Maria; Liu, Chun-Hung; Schaudt, Oliver; Spirkl, Sophie; Trotignon, Nicolas; Vušković, Kristina (Wiley, 2019-10)
      We show that triangle-free graphs that do not contain an induced subgraph isomorphic to a subdivision of K4 are 3-colorable. This proves a conjecture of Trotignon and Vušković.
    • Triangle-free graphs with no six-vertex induced path 

      Chudnovsky, Maria; Seymour, Paul; Spirkl, Sophie; Zhong, Mingxian (Elsevier, 2018-08)
      The graphs with no five-vertex induced path are still not understood. But in the triangle-free case, we can do this and one better; we give an explicit construction for all triangle-free graphs with no six-vertex induced ...
    • Triangular Bézier Surfaces with Approximate Continuity 

      Liu, Yingbin (University of Waterloo, 2008-05-15)
      When interpolating a data mesh using triangular Bézier patches, the requirement of C¹ or G¹ continuity imposes strict constraints on the control points of adjacent patches. However, fulfillment of these continuity ...
    • Trifecta: Faster High-throughput Three-party Computation over WAN using Multi-fan-in Logic Gates 

      Faraji, Sina (University of Waterloo, 2022-11-29)
      Multi-party computation (MPC) has been a very active area of research and recent industrial deployments exist. Practical MPC is currently limited to low-latency, high- throughput network setups, i.e., local-area networks ...
    • Trisections of non-orientable 4-manifolds 

      Naylor, Patrick (University of Waterloo, 2021-08-24)
      Broadly, this thesis is concerned with trying to understand 4-manifolds through 3-dimensional techniques. From the point of view of smooth manifolds, dimension four is quite unique; one striking illustration of this is the ...
    • Truncation selection and diffusion on random graphs 

      Morsky, Bryce; Bauch, Chris T. (Arxiv, 2017-08-31)
      Two-strategy evolutionary games on graphs have been extensively studied in the literature. A variety of graph structures, degrees of graph dynamics, and behaviours of replicators have been explored. These models have ...
    • Trust Region Methods for Training Neural Networks 

      Kinross, Colleen (University of Waterloo, 2017-11-09)
      Artificial feed-forward neural networks (ff-ANNs) serve as powerful machine learning models for supervised classification problems. They have been used to solve problems stretching from natural language processing to ...
    • Trust-based Incentive Mechanisms for Community-based Multiagent Systems 

      Kastidou, Georgia (University of Waterloo, 2010-06-16)
      In this thesis we study peer-based communities which are online communities whose services are provided by their participant agents. In order to improve the services an agent enjoys in these communities, we need to improve ...
    • A Trust-based Message Evaluation and Propagation Framework in Vehicular Ad-Hoc Networks 

      Chen, Chen (University of Waterloo, 2010-01-18)
      In this paper, we propose a trust-based message propagation and evaluation framework to support the effective evaluation of information sent by peers and the immediate control of false information in a VANET. More specifically, ...
    • Tsirelson's problems and entanglement breaking rank 

      Prakash, Jitendra (University of Waterloo, 2018-08-13)
      There are two main themes of this thesis. In the first part, we study the various sets of correlations arising in the study of non-local games and Tsirelson's problems. In the second part we introduce the notion of ...
    • Turning Open Government Data Portals into Interactive Databases 

      Liu, Chang (University of Waterloo, 2022-09-21)
      The launch of open governmental data portals (OGDPs), such as,, and, have popularized the open data movement of the last decade, which now includes numerous other portals from other ...
    • Turnpike Property for Generalized Linear-Quadratic Optimal Control Problem 

      Li, Zhuqing (University of Waterloo, 2023-04-28)
      The turnpike phenomenon describes the long time behavior of optimally controlled systems whose optimal trajectories over a sufficiently large time horizon stay for most of the time close to a prescribed trajectory of the ...


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