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    • Supporting Exploratory Search Tasks Through Alternative Representations of Information 

      Sarrafzadeh, Bahareh (University of Waterloo, 2020-05-14)
      Information seeking is a fundamental component of many of the complex tasks presented to us, and is often conducted through interactions with automated search systems such as Web search engines. Indeed, the ubiquity of Web ...
    • Supporting Framework Use via Automatically Extracted Concept-Implementation Templates 

      Heydarnoori, Abbas (University of Waterloo, 2009-04-27)
      Object-oriented application frameworks allow the reuse of both software design and code and are one of the most effective reuse technologies available today. Frameworks provide domain-specific concepts, which are generic ...
    • Supporting Voice-Based Natural Language Interactions for Information Seeking Tasks of Various Complexity 

      Vtyurina, Alexandra (University of Waterloo, 2021-05-25)
      Natural language interfaces have seen a steady increase in their popularity over the past decade leading to the ubiquity of digital assistants. Such digital assistants include voice activated assistants, such as Amazon's ...
    • SURF: Software Update Registration Framework 

      Kim, Woojung (University of Waterloo, 2018-10-25)
      BlockSURF (Blockchain-based Secure Update Registration Framework) or SURF, in short, is a software framework designed to enable developers to build a blockchain-based secure update system which distributes trust over a ...
    • Surface-Only Liquids 

      Da, Fang; Hahn, David; Batty, Christopher; Wojtan, Chris; Grinspun, Eitan (Association for Computing Machinery, 2016-07-01)
      We propose a novel surface-only technique for simulating incompressible, inviscid and uniform-density liquids with surface tension in three dimensions. The liquid surface is captured by a triangle mesh on which a Lagrangian ...
    • A Survey of Attacks on Multivariate Cryptosystems 

      Feldmann, Adam (University of Waterloo, 2005)
      This thesis provides a survey of the attacks on multivariate cryptosystems. We begin by providing an outline of the general multivariate cryptosystem. Proceeding from there, we show that even with this level of detail, ...
    • A survey of Roth's Theorem on progressions of length three 

      Nishizawa, Yui (University of Waterloo, 2011-12-19)
      For any finite set B and a subset A⊆B, we define the density of A in B to be the value α=|A|/|B|. Roth's famous theorem, proven in 1953, states that there is a constant C>0, such that if A⊆{1,...,N} for a positive integer ...
    • A Survey of the Classification of Division Algebras 

      Ashburner, Michelle Roshan Marie (University of Waterloo, 2008-09-29)
      For a given field F we seek all division algebras over F up to isomorphism. This question was first investigated for division algebras of finite dimension over F by Richard Brauer. We discuss the construction of the Brauer ...
    • A survey of the trust region subproblem within a semidefinite framework 

      Fortin, Charles (University of Waterloo, 2000)
      Trust region subproblems arise within a class of unconstrained methods called trust region methods. The subproblems consist of minimizing a quadratic function subject to a norm constraint. This thesis is a survey of ...
    • A survey on Traitor Tracing Schemes 

      Chen, Jason (University of Waterloo, 2000)
      When intellectual properties are distributed over a broadcast network, the content is usually encrypted in a way such that only authorized users who have a certain set of keys, can decrypt the content. Some authorized ...
    • Survivable Virtual Network Embedding in Transport Networks 

      Shahriar, Nashid (University of Waterloo, 2020-07-28)
      Network Virtualization (NV) is perceived as an enabling technology for the future Internet and the 5th Generation (5G) of mobile networks. It is becoming increasingly difficult to keep up with emerging applications’ Quality ...
    • Survival Analysis of Complex Featured Data with Measurement Error 

      Chen, Li-Pang (University of Waterloo, 2019-08-22)
      Survival analysis plays an important role in many fields, such as cancer research, clinical trials, epidemiological studies, actuarial science, and so on. A large body of methods on analyzing survival data have been ...
    • Suspenseful Design: Engaging Emotionally with Complex Applications through Compelling Narratives 

      Langer, Kimberly Rebecca (University of Waterloo, 2014-09-29)
      Stories are fundamental to how we learn about and experience the world, but few software interfaces incorporate stories or use story-telling techniques. This thesis explores the possibility of applying principles of ...
    • Switching GAN-based Image Filters to Improve Perception for Autonomous Driving 

      Masud, Zarif (University of Waterloo, 2019-10-24)
      Autonomous driving holds the potential to increase human productivity, reduce accidents caused by human errors, allow better utilization of roads, reduce traffic accidents and congestion, free up parking space and provide ...
    • Symbolic Model Checking of Product-Line Requirements Using SAT-Based Methods 

      Ben-David, Shoham; Sterin, Baruch; Atlee, Joanne M.; Beidu, Sandy (IEEE, 2015-05)
      Product line (PL) engineering promotes the de- velopment of families of related products, where individual products are differentiated by which optional features they include. Modelling and analyzing requirements models ...
    • Symbolic Regression and Sequence Modelling with Conditional and Dynamic Language Models 

      Valipour, Mojtaba (University of Waterloo, 2024-05-30)
      In an era where the boundaries of machine learning are continuously being pushed, this thesis presents two more advancements in the field of deep learning and artificial intelligence, with a focus on symbolic regression ...
    • A Symmetric Interaction Model for Bimanual Input 

      Latulipe, Celine (University of Waterloo, 2006)
      People use both their hands together cooperatively in many everyday activities. The modern computer interface fails to take advantage of this basic human ability, with the exception of the keyboard. However, the keyboard ...
    • Symmetrically-Normed Ideals and Characterizations of Absolutely Norming Operators 

      Pandey, Satish Kumar (University of Waterloo, 2018-08-23)
      The primary objective of this thesis is two fold: first, it is devoted to the study of absolutely norming operators (with respect to various arbitrary symmetric norms on $\mathcal{B}(\mathcal{H})$) with an eye towards the ...
    • Symmetries 

      Foldes, Stephane (University of Waterloo, 2016-10-03)
      Automorphisms of graphs, hypergraphs and disgraphs are investigated. The invariance of the chromatic polynomial in the rotor effect is disproved. New invariance results are obtained. It is shown that given any integer k ...
    • Symmetry Reduction and Compositional Verification on Timed Automata 

      Nguyen, Hoang Linh (University of Waterloo, 2017-08-24)
      This thesis is about techniques for the analysis of concurrent and real-time systems. As the first contribution, we describe a technique that incorporates automatic symmetry detection and symmetry reduction in the ...


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