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    • Policy Resistance Undermines Superspreader Vaccination Strategies For Influenza 

      Wells, Chad R.; Klein, Eili Y.; Bauch, Chris T. (Public Library of Science, 2013-03-01)
      Theoretical models of infection spread on networks predict that targeting vaccination at individuals with a very large number of contacts (superspreaders) can reduce infection incidence by a significant margin. These models ...
    • Polyhedral Diameters and Applications to Optimization 

      Kafer, Sean (University of Waterloo, 2022-09-01)
      The Simplex method is the most popular algorithm for solving linear programs (LPs). Geometrically, it moves from an initial vertex solution to an improving neighboring one, selected according to a pivot rule. Despite decades ...
    • Polynomial bounds for chromatic number II: Excluding a star-forest 

      Scott, Alex; Seymour, Paul; Spirkl, Sophie (Wiley, 2022-10)
      The Gyárfás–Sumner conjecture says that for every forest H, there is a function fH such that if G is H-free then x(G) ≤ fH(w(G)) (where x,w are the chromatic number and the clique number of G). Louis Esperet conjectured ...
    • Polynomial bounds for chromatic number. III. Excluding a double star 

      Scott, Alex; Seymour, Paul; Spirkl, Sophie (Wiley, 2022-10)
      A “double star” is a tree with two internal vertices. It is known that the Gyárfás-Sumner conjecture holds for double stars, that is, for every double star H, there is a function fH such that if G does not contain H as ...
    • A Poroelastic Model of Transcapillary Flow 

      Speziale, Sean (University of Waterloo, 2010-05-21)
      Transcapillary exchange is the movement of fluid and molecules through the porous capillary wall, and is important in maintaining homeostasis of bodily tissues. The classical view of this process is that of Starling's ...
    • Port-based teleportation of continuous quantum variables 

      Boisselle, Jason (University of Waterloo, 2014-08-27)
      Quantum teleportation allows to transmit quantum information using classical information and entanglement only. Port-based teleportation is a variation of this procedure that involves simpler recovery operations to obtain ...
    • Portfolio Selection Under Nonsmooth Convex Transaction Costs 

      Potaptchik, Marina (University of Waterloo, 2006)
      We consider a portfolio selection problem in the presence of transaction costs. Transaction costs on each asset are assumed to be a convex function of the amount sold or bought. This function can be nondifferentiable ...
    • Posets of Non-Crossing Partitions of Type B and Applications 

      Oancea, Ion (University of Waterloo, 2007-10-19)
      The thesis is devoted to the study of certain combinatorial objects called \emph{non-crossing partitions}. The enumeration properties of the lattice ${\textsf{NC$^{\textsf{\,A}}$(n)}}\,$ of \emph{non-crossing partitions} ...
    • The Positive and Negative Influence of Search Results on People's Decisions about the Efficacy of Medical Treatments 

      Pogacar, Frances A.; Ghenai, Amira; Smucker, Mark; Clarke, Charles L. A. (ACM, 2017-10-01)
      People regularly use web search engines to investigate the efficacy of medical treatments. Search results can contain documents that present incorrect information that contradicts current established medical understanding ...
    • Positive Gaming: Workshop on Gamification and Games for Wellbeing 

      Fortes Tondello, Gustavo; Orji, Rita; Vella, Kellie; Johnson, Daniel; Van Dooren, Marierose; Nacke, Lennart (Association for Computing Machinery, 2017-10-15)
      Gamification and games have been used and studied in a variety of applications related with health and wellbeing. Nevertheless, there are very few studies aimed at designing games (whether serious games or recreational ...
    • A Positive-definite Cut-cell Method for Strong Two-way Coupling Between Fluids and Deformable Bodies 

      Zarifi, Omar; Batty, Christopher (Association for Computing Machinery, 2017-07-28)
      We present a new approach to simulation of two-way coupling between inviscid free surface fluids and deformable bodies that exhibits several notable advantages over previous techniques. By fully incorporating the dynamics ...
    • Post-Quantum Account Recovery for Passwordless Authentication 

      Wilson, Spencer MacLaren (University of Waterloo, 2023-04-24)
      WebAuthn is a passwordless authentication protocol which allows users to authenticate to online services using public-key cryptography. Users prove their identity based on possession of a private key, which is stored on a ...
    • A post-quantum digital signature scheme based on supersingular isogenies 

      Yoo, Youngho (University of Waterloo, 2017-09-20)
      We present the first general-purpose digital signature scheme based on supersingular elliptic curve isogenies secure against quantum adversaries in the quantum random oracle model with small key sizes. This scheme is ...
    • Post-Quantum Elliptic Curve Cryptography 

      Soukharev, Vladimir (University of Waterloo, 2016-05-16)
      We propose and develop new schemes for post-quantum cryptography based on isogenies over elliptic curves. First we show that ordinary elliptic curves are have less than exponential security against quantum computers. These ...
    • Post-Quantum Security of Authenticated Key Establishment Protocols 

      LeGrow, Jason (University of Waterloo, 2016-04-20)
      We present a security model for authenticated key establishment that allows for quantum interactions between the adversary and quantum oracles that emulate classical parties, resulting in a truly post-quantum security ...
    • Postman Problems on Mixed Graphs 

      Zaragoza Martinez, Francisco Javier (University of Waterloo, 2003)
      The <i>mixed postman problem</i> consists of finding a minimum cost tour of a mixed graph <i>M</i> = (<i>V</i>,<i>E</i>,<i>A</i>) traversing all its edges and arcs at least once. We prove that two well-known linear ...
    • Power Diagrams and Sparse Paged Grids for High Resolution Adaptive Liquids 

      Aanjaneya, Mridul; Gao, Ming; Liu, Haixiang; Batty, Christopher; Sifakis, Eftychios (Association for Computing Machinery, 2017-07-20)
      We present an efficient and scalable octree-inspired fluid simulation framework with the flexibility to leverage adaptivity in any part of the computational domain, even when resolution transitions reach the free surface. ...
    • The Power Landmark Vector Learning Framework 

      Xiang, Shuo (University of Waterloo, 2008-05-12)
      Kernel methods have recently become popular in bioinformatics machine learning. Kernel methods allow linear algorithms to be applied to non-linear learning situations. By using kernels, non-linear learning problems can ...
    • A Power-Efficient Smart Lighting System: Modeling, Implementation and Evaluation 

      Aussat, Yerbol (University of Waterloo, 2019-09-03)
      Lighting load accounts for approximately one third of overall energy consumption in modern office buildings. To reduce this load, we have designed a smart lighting control system that attempts to minimize power consumption, ...
    • Powers and Anti-Powers in Binary Words 

      Riasat, Samin (University of Waterloo, 2019-08-28)
      Fici et al. recently introduced the notion of anti-powers in the context of combinatorics on words. A power (also called tandem repeat) is a sequence of consecutive identical blocks. An anti-power is a sequence of consecutive ...


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