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    • Geodesic Convex Analysis of Group Scaling for the Paulsen Problem and the Tensor Normal Model 

      Ramachandran, Akshay (University of Waterloo, 2021-11-18)
      The framework of scaling problems has recently had much interest in the theoretical computer science community due to its variety of applications, from algebraic complexity to machine learning. In this thesis, our main ...
    • Geographically Distributed Database Management at the Cloud's Edge 

      Avram, Catalin (University of Waterloo, 2017-08-24)
      Request latency resulting from the geographic separation between clients and remote application servers is a challenge for cloud-hosted web and mobile applications. Numerous studies have shown the importance of low latency ...
    • A Geometric Approach to Pattern Matching in Polyphonic Music 

      Tanur, Luke (University of Waterloo, 2005)
      The music pattern matching problem involves finding matches of a small fragment of music called the "pattern" into a larger body of music called the "score". We represent music as a series of horizontal line segments in ...
    • Geometric Approximation Algorithms in the Online and Data Stream Models 

      Zarrabi-Zadeh, Hamid (University of Waterloo, 2008-10-23)
      The online and data stream models of computation have recently attracted considerable research attention due to many real-world applications in various areas such as data mining, machine learning, distributed computing, ...
    • A Geometric B-Spline Over the Triangular Domain 

      Ingram, Christopher (University of Waterloo, 2003)
      For modelling curves, B-splines [3] are among the most versatile control schemes. However, scaling this technique to surface patches has proven to be a non-trivial endeavor. While a suitable scheme exists for rectangular ...
    • Geometric On-line Ray Searching Under Probability of Placement Scenarios 

      Liu, Ying (University of Waterloo, 2010-09-28)
      Online computation is a model for formulating decision making under uncertainty. In an online problem, the algorithm does not know the entire input from the beginning; the input is revealed in a sequence of steps. At each ...
    • Geometric Ramifications of the Lovász Theta Function and Their Interplay with Duality 

      de Carli Silva, Marcel Kenji (University of Waterloo, 2013-08-30)
      The Lovasz theta function and the associated convex sets known as theta bodies are fundamental objects in combinatorial and semidefinite optimization. They are accompanied by a rich duality theory and deep connections ...
    • Geometrical Frustration and Static Correlations in a Simple Glass Former 

      Charbonneau, Benoit; Charbonneau, Patrick; Tarjus, Gilles (American Physical Society, 2012-01-18)
      We study the geometrical frustration scenario of glass formation for simple hard-sphere models. We find that the dual picture in terms of defects brings little insight and no theoretical simplification for the understanding ...
    • Geometrical frustration and static correlations in hard-sphere glass formers 

      Charbonneau, Benoit; Charbonneau, Patrick; Tarjus, Gilles (American Institute of Physics, 2013-03-28)
      We analytically and numerically characterize the structure of hard-sphere fluids in order to review various geometrical frustration scenarios of the glass transition. We find generalized polytetrahedral order to be correlated ...
    • Geometry of convex sets arising from hyperbolic polynomials 

      Myklebust, Tor Gunnar Josefsson Jay (University of Waterloo, 2008-09-09)
      This thesis focuses on convex sets and convex cones defined using hyperbolic polynomials. We first review some of the theory of convex sets in $\R^d$ in general. We then review some classical algebraic theorems concerning ...
    • Gerber-Shiu analysis in some dependent Sparre Andersen risk models 

      Woo, Jae-Kyung (University of Waterloo, 2010-08-11)
      In this thesis, we consider a generalization of the classical Gerber-Shiu function in various risk models. The generalization involves introduction of two new variables in the original penalty function including the surplus ...
    • Gesture-Based Image Acquisition between Smartphone and Digital Signage 

      Ho, Jason Ching-Hsien (University of Waterloo, 2011-04-28)
      Mobile phones have formed a social network within the phone subscriber population by allowing the phone subscribers to exchange information. Nowadays, smartphones have been improved with a variety of functionalities, such ...
    • Gini-type measures of risk and variability: Gini shortfall, capital allocations, and heavy-tailed risks 

      Furman, Edward; Wang, Ruodo; Zitikis, Ricardas (Elsevier, 2017-10-01)
      We introduce and explore Gini-type measures of risk and variability, and develop the corresponding economic capital allocation rules. The new measures are coherent, additive for co-monotonic risks, convenient computationally, ...
    • Giving Meaning to Macros 

      Mennie, Christopher (University of Waterloo, 2004)
      With the prevalence of legacy C/C++ code, issues of readability and maintainability have become increasingly important. When we consider the problem of refactoring or migrating C/C++ code, we see the significant role ...
    • Global land use and the future of sustainable consumption: projections of a coupled social-land use model 

      Pal, Saptarshi (University of Waterloo, 2020-09-10)
      Throughout history, agricultural land use activities have shaped the environment and its inhabitants. Humans have sought to maintain their well-being for centuries by finding revolutionary ways to produce and gather food. ...
    • Global Land Use Implications of Dietary Trends 

      Rizvi, Sarah; Pagnutti, Chris; Fraser, Evan; Bauch, Chris T.; Anand, Madhur (Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, 2017-09-28)
      Global food security and agricultural land management represent two urgent and intimately related challenges that humans must face. We quantify the changes in the global agricultural land footprint if the world were to ...
    • Global land use implications of dietary trends 

      Rizvi, Sarah; Pagnutti, Chris; Fraser, Evan; Bauch, Chris T.; Anand, Madhur (PLOS One, 2018-08-08)
      Global food security and agricultural land management represent two urgent and intimately related challenges that humans must face. We quantify the changes in the global agricultural land footprint if the world were to ...
    • gLOP: A Cleaner Dirty Model for Multitask Learning 

      Rose, Rhiannon (University of Waterloo, 2014-08-22)
      Multitask learning (MTL) was originally defined by Caruana (1997) as "an approach to inductive transfer that improves learning for one task by using the information contained in the training signals of other related tasks". ...
    • Goldberg's conjecture is true for random multigraphs 

      Haxell, Penny; Krivelevich, Michael; Kronenberg, Gal (Elsevier, 2019-09)
      In the 70s, Goldberg, and independently Seymour, conjectured that for any multigraph G, the chromatic index χ′(G) satisfies χ′(G) ≤ max{∆(G)+1,⌈ρ(G)⌉}, where ρ(G) = max\{\frac {e(G[S])}{\lfloor|S|/2\rfloor} \mid S\subseteq ...
    • Gradual C Programming for Typed Lua 

      Turas, Rafi (University of Waterloo, 2019-01-22)
      The work presented in this thesis deals with the problem of enhancing the performance of dynamically-typed programming languages by integrating features from statically-typed programming languages. Statically-typed languages ...


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