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    • Fee Structure and Surrender Incentives in Variable Annuities 

      MacKay, Anne (University of Waterloo, 2014-08-05)
      Variable annuities (VAs) are investment products similar to mutual funds, but they also protect policyholders against poor market performance and other risks. They have become very popular in the past twenty years, and the ...
    • The Fence Complexity of Persistent Sets 

      Coccimiglio, Gaetano (University of Waterloo, 2021-09-21)
      This thesis studies fence complexity of concurrent sets in a non-volatile shared memory model. I consider the case where CPU registers and cache memory remain volatile while main memory is non-volatile. Flush instructions ...
    • Filtering News from Document Streams: Evaluation Aspects and Modeled Stream Utility 

      Baruah, Gaurav Makhon (University of Waterloo, 2016-08-04)
      Events like hurricanes, earthquakes, or accidents can impact a large number of people. Not only are people in the immediate vicinity of the event affected, but concerns about their well-being are shared by the local ...
    • Filtering overfitted automatically-generated patches by using automated test generation 

      Zhikhartsev, Alexey (University of Waterloo, 2018-01-17)
      "Generate-and-Validate'' (G&V) approaches to automatic program repair first generate candidate patches and then validate the patches against a test suite. Current G&V tools accept the first patch that passes all the test ...
    • Financial Fraud: A Game of Cat and Mouse 

      Gornall, William (University of Waterloo, 2010-06-11)
      This thesis models rational criminals and regulators with flawed incentives. In it we develop a rational model of crime and regulation that we use to show the SEC's current incentive structure is ineffective at preventing ...
    • Financial Risk Management of Guaranteed Minimum Income Benefits Embedded in Variable Annuities 

      Marshall, Claymore (University of Waterloo, 2011-08-29)
      A guaranteed minimum income benefit (GMIB) is a long-dated option that can be embedded in a deferred variable annuity. The GMIB is attractive because, for policyholders who plan to annuitize, it offers protection against ...
    • Finding a Second Hamiltonian cycle in Barnette Graphs 

      Haddadan, Arash (University of Waterloo, 2015-08-31)
      We study the following two problems: (1) finding a second room-partitioning of an oik, and (2) finding a second Hamiltonian cycle in cubic graphs. The existence of solution for both problems is guaranteed by a parity ...
    • Finding an induced path that is not a shortest path 

      Berger, Eli; Seymour, Paul; Spirkl, Sophie (Elsevier, 2021-07)
      We give a polynomial-time algorithm that, with input a graph G and two vertices u; v of G, decides whether there is an induced uv-path that is longer than the shortest uv-path.
    • Finding Communities in Typed Citation Networks 

      Kroon, Frederick William (University of Waterloo, 2008-09-25)
      As the Web has become more and more important to our daily lives, algorithms that can effectively utilize the link structure have become more and more important. One such task has been to find communities in social network ...
    • Finding Cost-Efficient Decision Trees 

      Dufour, David (University of Waterloo, 2014-08-06)
      Decision trees have been a popular machine learning technique for some time. Labelled data, examples each with a vector of values in a feature space, are used to create a structure that can assign a class to unseen examples ...
    • Finding False Assurance in Formal Verification of Software Systems 

      Ji, Ru (University of Waterloo, 2024-01-15)
      Formal verification plays a crucial role in enhancing the reliability of computing systems by mathematically checking the correctness of a program. Although recent years have witnessed lots of research and applications ...
    • Finding Independent Transversals Efficiently 

      Graf, Alessandra (University of Waterloo, 2019-08-23)
      Let G be a graph and (V_1,...,V_m) be a vertex partition of G. An independent transversal (IT) of G with respect to (V_1,...,V_m) is an independent set {v_1,...,v_m} in G such that v_i is in V_i for each i in {1,...,m}. There ...
    • Finding Large H-Colorable Subgraphs in Hereditary Graph Classes 

      Chudnovsky, Maria; King, Jason; Pilipczuk, Michał; Rzążewski, Paweł; Spirkl, Sophie (Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics, 2021-10-14)
      We study the Max Partial H-Coloring problem: given a graph G, find the largest induced subgraph of G that admits a homomorphism into H, where H is a fixed pattern graph without loops. Note that when H is a complete graph ...
    • Finding Microblog Posts of User Interest 

      Roegiest, Adam (University of Waterloo, 2012-04-24)
      Microblogging is an increasingly popular form of social media. One of the most popular microblogging services is Twitter. The number of messages posted to Twitter on a daily basis is extremely large. Accordingly, it becomes ...
    • Finding Similar Protein Structures Efficiently and Effectively 

      Cui, Xuefeng (University of Waterloo, 2014-04-24)
      To assess the similarities and the differences among protein structures, a variety of structure alignment algorithms and programs have been designed and implemented. We introduce a low-resolution approach and a ...
    • Fingerprinting Codes and Related Combinatorial Structures 

      Guo, Chuan (University of Waterloo, 2015-04-22)
      Fingerprinting codes were introduced by Boneh and Shaw in 1998 as a method of copyright control. The desired properties of a good fingerprinting code has been found to have deep connections to combinatorial structures such ...
    • Finitary approximations of free probability, involving combinatorial representation theory 

      Campbell, Jacob (University of Waterloo, 2023-05-18)
      This thesis contributes to two theories which approximate free probability by finitary combinatorial structures. The first is finite free probability, which is concerned with expected characteristic polynomials of various ...
    • Finite Element Exterior Calculus with Applications to the Numerical Solution of the Green–Naghdi Equations 

      Morgan, Adam (University of Waterloo, 2018-08-09)
      The study of finite element methods for the numerical solution of differential equations is one of the gems of modern mathematics, boasting rigorous analytical foundations as well as unambiguously useful scientific ...
    • Finite Model Finding Using the Logic of Equality with Uninterpreted Functions 

      Vakili, Amirhossein; Day, Nancy A. (Springer, 2016)
      The problem of finite model finding, finding a satisfying model for a set of first-order logic formulas for a finite scope, is an important step in many verification techniques. In MACE-style solvers, the problem is mapped ...
    • Fire Detection using RF Signals 

      Ma, Kai (University of Waterloo, 2023-09-20)
      Structural fires can be a major threat to life and property. Contemporary smoke alarms suffer from drawbacks such as long response times, lack of penetration through walls, and nuisance (false-positive) alarms. In this ...


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