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    • ABCD and beyond: From grain merchants to agricultural value chain managers 

      Clapp, Jennifer (Canadian Food Studies, 2015-09-08)
      The world of agricultural commodity trading firms has changed over the years, although corporate concentration has long been a defining feature of this sector. The four dominant agricultural trading firms—the ABCDs (ADM, ...
    • Distant agricultural landscapes 

      Clapp, Jennifer (Springer, 2015-04-01)
      This paper examines the relationship between the development of the dominant industrial food system and its associated global economic drivers and the environmental sustainability of agricultural landscapes. It makes the ...
    • Finance for Agriculture or Agriculture for Finance? 

      Clapp, Jennifer; Martin, Sarah (Wiley, 2015-10)
      Food studies scholars have paid increasing attention to ‘financialization’ within the food system as private financial actors have played a growing role in various facets of the sector in recent years. While there has been ...
    • Financialization, distance and global food politics 

      Clapp, Jennifer (Taylor & Francis, 2014-09-03)
      This paper provides a new perspective on the political implications of intensified financialization in the global food system. There has been a growing recognition of the role of finance in the global food system, in ...
    • Food security and contested agricultural trade norms 

      Clapp, Jennifer (Munk School of Global Affairs: Faculty of Law, 2015)
      Just as it is important to uncover the historical origins of specific norms that shape the trade regime, it is also helpful to examine how those norms are then translated into policy through contemporary rules and agreements. ...
    • Food security and food sovereignty: Getting past the binary 

      Clapp, Jennifer (Sage, 2014-07-01)
      The terms food security and food sovereignty originally emerged as separate terms to describe different things. The former is a concept that describes a condition regarding access to adequate food, while the latter is more ...
    • Food self-sufficiency: Making sense of it, and when it makes sense 

      Clapp, Jennifer (Elsevier, 2017-01)
      Food self-sufficiency gained increased attention in a number of countries in the wake of the 2007–08 international food crisis, as countries sought to buffer themselves from volatility on world food markets. Food ...
    • Mapping the state of play on the global food landscape 

      Clapp, Jennifer; Desmarais, Annette; Margulis, Matias (Canadian Food Studies, 2015-09-08)
      Introduction to a special issue of Canadian Food Studies: The articles in this special issue are the result of an innovative workshop held in Waterloo, Ontario September 25–26, 2014, that sought to expand a conversation ...
    • Researching Global Environmental Politics in the 21st Century 

      Dauvergne, Peter; Clapp, Jennifer (MIT Press, 2016-02-01)
      This forum article highlights three major research trends we have observed in the journal Global Environmental Politics since 2000. First, research has increasingly focused on specific and formal mechanisms of global ...
    • Responsibility to the rescue? Governing private financial investment in global agriculture 

      Clapp, Jennifer (Springer, 2017-03)
      This paper examines the recent rise of initiatives for responsible agricultural investment and provides a preliminary assessment of their likely success in curbing the ecological and social costs associated with the growth ...
    • World hunger and the global economy: strong linkages, weak action 

      Clapp, Jennifer (School of International and Public Affairs: Columbia University, 2014-03)
      This paper probes some of the global economic forces that have contributed to the ongoing precarious global food security situation, especially in the years since the 2007 to 2008 food crisis. Since the crisis hit at a ...


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