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    • Customer Service 

      Allaby, Patrick (University of Waterloo, 2019-04-29)
      Customer Service is a half-hour storytelling performance that uses PowerPoint and drawing to discuss my experience working at a call centre in Moncton, New Brunswick. The performance uses this autofictional narrative to ...
    • Customized nonlinearity shaping in imperfect or variable waveguides 

      Kelly-Massicotte, Jérémy (University of Waterloo, 2019-05-31)
      Generation of high-quality single photons via heralded parametric downconversion re- quires careful design of spectral correlations in down-converted photon pairs. One step in this design process involves customized ...
    • Customizing kernels in Support Vector Machines 

      Zhang, Zhanyang (University of Waterloo, 2007-05-22)
      Support Vector Machines have been used to do classification and regression analysis. One important part of SVMs are the kernels. Although there are several widely used kernel functions, a carefully designed kernel will ...
    • Cutting Mechanics of the Gear Shaping Process 

      Katz, Andrew (University of Waterloo, 2017-05-12)
      In the machining industry, there is a constant need to increase productivity while also maintaining dimensional tolerances and good surface quality. For many classical machining operations (e.g. milling, turning, and ...
    • Cutting-Plane Separation Strategies for Semidefinite Programming Models to Solve Single-Row Facility Layout Problems 

      Yen, Ginger (University of Waterloo, 2008-10-27)
      The single-row facility layout problem (SRFLP) is concerned with finding the optimal linear placement of n departments with different lengths in a straight line. It is typically achieved by minimizing the cost associated ...
    • Cyber-Physical Resilience Enhancement Strategies for Modern Power Grids 

      Mohamed, Nancy (University of Waterloo, 2021-09-28)
      Continuous research efforts are dedicated to developing methods to improve existing security tools to better fit the nature of smart grids. However, there is no perfect security scheme for every potential attack threat. ...
    • Cyber-Physical Security of Power Distribution Systems 

      Ayad, Abdelrahman (University of Waterloo, 2019-02-07)
      Smart grids have been witnessing continuous and rapid radical developments in the recent years. With the aim towards a more sustainable energy system, the share of distributed generation resources is ever-increasing and ...
    • Cyber-Physical Security of Wide-Area Frequency-based Applications in Power Systems 

      Khalaf, Mohsen (University of Waterloo, 2020-10-02)
      Modern power systems are continuously developing into large and interconnected ones. However, at the same time, restructuring within the power industry and reduced investment in transmission system expansions mean that ...
    • Cyclades Archipelago: Regenerating the Productive and Tourism Landscapes 

      PITOGLOU, FOTINI (University of Waterloo, 2017-09-29)
      Through history the shifting dynamics of urban and regional development in Greece’s Cyclades Archipelago shaped its overall identity and its islands’ social, economic and political cohesion. Nowadays the emerged tourism ...
    • Cycle City: Generating a Cycling Culture in Toronto 

      Wenzel, Stephen (University of Waterloo, 2015-02-18)
      As Toronto’s population continues to grow, the city is faced with many new challenges related to the quality of urban life. Central to overcoming these challenges is a rethinking of urban mobility. As the region’s population ...
    • The Cycle Spaces of an Infinite Graph 

      Casteels, Karel (University of Waterloo, 2006)
      The edge space of a finite graph <em>G</em> = (<em>V</em>, <em>E</em>) over a field F is simply an assignment of field elements to the edges of the graph. The edge space can equally be thought of us an |<em>E</em>|-dimensional ...
    • Cycle Time Reduction of 5-axis Laser Drilling via Time-optimal Trajectory Generation and Sequence Optimization 

      Woo, Kyongjae (University of Waterloo, 2019-04-30)
      Cycle time reduction is one of the crucial tasks in manufacturing that needs to be achieved to maximize productivity and profits. Laser drilling processes, depending on the size and complexity of the parts, require few ...
    • Cycles and coloring in graphs and digraphs 

      Hompe, Patrick (University of Waterloo, 2022-08-22)
      We show results in areas related to extremal problems in directed graphs. The first concerns a rainbow generalization of the Caccetta-H\"{a}ggkvist conjecture, made by Aharoni. The Caccetta-H\"{a}ggkvist conjecture states ...
    • Cyclic Biamperometry 

      Rahimi, Mohammad Mehdi (University of Waterloo, 2009-08-17)
      In this thesis, cyclic biamperometry (CB) as a new method in electrochemistry, has been introduced and investigated. The hallmark of this method is the absence of a reference electrode which potentially allows simplification ...
    • Cyclic Characterisation and Plasticity Modelling of AM30 Magnesium Alloy Extrusion 

      Roostaei, Ali Asghar (University of Waterloo, 2017-08-14)
      Reducing fuel consumption and, thereby, greenhouse gas pollution has been the main thrust of lightweighting endeavours by transportation industries, particularly, automotive sector. Wrought magnesium alloys, being the ...
    • Cyclic Sieving Phenomenon of Promotion on Rectangular Tableaux 

      Rhee, Donguk (University of Waterloo, 2012-09-28)
      Cyclic sieving phenomenon (CSP) is a generalization by Reiner, Stanton, White of Stembridge's q=-1 phenomenon. When CSP is exhibited, orbits of a cyclic action on combinatorial objects show a nice structure and their sizes ...
    • Cyclic Style Generative Adversarial Network for Near Infrared and Visible Light Face Recognition 

      Huang, Fangzheng (University of Waterloo, 2023-01-10)
      Face recognition in the visible light (VIS) spectrum has been widely utilized in many practical applications. With the development of the deep learning method, the recognition accuracy and speed have already reached an ...
    • Cyclical Violence in Jonglei State: The Deadly Shift in the Practice of Cattle Raiding 

      Legassicke, Michelle (University of Waterloo, 2013-09-04)
      One of the greatest post-conflict problems in South Sudan, which has emerged as a threat to the nation’s security, has been the deadly clashes between tribes during cattle raids. This thesis examines why cattle raiding ...
    • Cyclically 5-Connected Graphs 

      Chen, Da Qi (University of Waterloo, 2016-08-29)
      Tutte's Four-Flow Conjecture states that every bridgeless, Petersen-free graph admits a nowhere-zero 4-flow. This hard conjecture has been open for over half a century with no significant progress in the first forty years. ...
    • Cycling in a Changing Climate: An Examination of the Effects of Weather and Climate Change on Cycling Frequencies in Southern Ontario 

      Mitchell, Jacob (University of Waterloo, 2018-02-27)
      This thesis contributes to the knowledge-base of how commuter cycling frequencies are impacted by current weather conditions, and what effects climate change will have on them by mid-century. Numerous studies have focused ...


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