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    • Quantum Gates and Decoupling in Qubits with Fixed Transverse Coupling 

      Han, Guiyang (University of Waterloo, 2017-05-25)
      Among all the quantum computer candidates, the superconducting system is one of the most convincing platforms due to its strong couplings and scalability. To be more specific, this thesis focuses on the superconducting ...
    • Quantum Gravity Renormalization Group 

      Shyam, Vasudev (University of Waterloo, 2020-07-27)
      Investigations relating the emergence of the radial direction in the holography, solvable irrelevant deformations of conformal eld theories and holographic entanglement entropy are reported. Emphasis is laid on how ...
    • Quantum groundstates of the spin-1/2 XXZ model on a fully-frustrated honeycomb lattice 

      Inglis, Stephen (University of Waterloo, 2010-10-01)
      In this thesis we present results from quantum Monte Carlo for the fully-frustrated honeycomb lattice. The XXZ model is of interest in the classical limit, as there is a mapping between the classical fully-frustrated ...
    • Quantum Hacking in the Age of Measurement-Device-Independent Quantum Cryptography 

      Huang, Anqi (University of Waterloo, 2018-04-13)
      Cryptography is essential for secure communication in the digital era. Today, public-key cryptography is widely employed, and has provided an efficient method for encrypting content and ensuring both confidentiality and ...
    • Quantum Indefinite Spacetime: Part II 

      Jia, Ding (University of Waterloo, 2018-09-10)
      We adopt an operational mode of thinking to study spacetime fluctuations and their impacts on questions of quantum gravity. Particular emphasis is put on studying causal structure fluctuations. The study is guided by the ...
    • Quantum independence and chromatic numbers 

      Sobchuk, Mariia (University of Waterloo, 2019-08-28)
      In this thesis we are studying the cases when quantum independence and quantum chromatic numbers coincide with or differ from their classical counterparts. Knowing about the relation of chromatic numbers separation to the ...
    • Quantum Information across Spacetime: From Gravitational Waves to Spinning Black Holes 

      Robbins, Matthew (University of Waterloo, 2021-08-20)
      This thesis is split into two parts. In the first part, we investigate Bose-Einstein condensates (BECs) as a means to detect gravitational waves. For the detection of continuous gravitational waves, we study its sensitivity ...
    • Quantum Information and Variants of Interactive Proof Systems 

      Upadhyay, Sarvagya (University of Waterloo, 2011-08-24)
      For nearly three decades, the model of interactive proof systems and its variants have been central to many important and exciting developments in computational complexity theory such as exact characterization of some well ...
    • Quantum Information Enabled Neutron Interferometry 

      Nsofini, Joachim (University of Waterloo, 2017-06-12)
      Neutron interferometry with its ability to encode and extract information provides a test bed for quantum mechanics and precise measurement of physical quantities of significant importance in physics. However, this ...
    • Quantum information in security protocols 

      Verschoor, Sebastian Reynaldo (University of Waterloo, 2022-01-18)
      Information security deals with the protection of our digital infrastructure. Achieving meaningful real-world security requires powerful cryptographic models that can give strong security guarantees and it requires ...
    • Quantum Information Processing with Adversarial Devices 

      McKague, Matthew (University of Waterloo, 2010-06-09)
      We consider several applications in black-box quantum computation in which untrusted physical quantum devices are connected together to produce an experiment. By examining the outcome statistics of such an experiment, and ...
    • Quantum Key Distribution Data Post-Processing with Limited Resources: Towards Satellite-Based Quantum Communication 

      Gigov, Nikolay (University of Waterloo, 2013-01-23)
      Quantum key distribution (QKD), a novel cryptographic technique for secure distribution of secret keys between two parties, is the first successful quantum technology to emerge from quantum information science. The security ...
    • Quantum key distribution devices: How to make them and how to break them 

      Kaiser, Sarah (University of Waterloo, 2016-08-30)
      As more aspects of modern society depend on digital communication, we increasingly rely on infrastructure that ensures the privacy and security of this communication. Classically, this has been provided by cryptographic ...
    • Quantum Machine Learning for Recognizing Gaussian Discord 

      Wang, Luyao (University of Waterloo, 2022-01-25)
      The quantum correlations measured by quantum discord have been paying significant attention since they are an essential resource for quantum information. This thesis focuses on the quantum discord in continuous-variable ...
    • Quantum mechanical free energy calculations using path integral molecular dynamics 

      Bishop, Kevin (University of Waterloo, 2019-12-19)
      Free energy calculations are one of the most powerful tools within modern theoretical chemistry and are often used to make comparisons with experimental results. Existing free energy calculations are typically performed ...
    • Quantum Methodologies for the simulation of molecular hydrogen: from dimers to linear chains 

      Marr, Adam (University of Waterloo, 2020-12-03)
      Hydrogen has long been considered an ideal model system for a variety of molecular configurations, given its chemical simplicity and ubiquitous nature in the world. However, the weak van der Waals forces that exist between ...
    • Quantum Microwave Photodetection Using Superconducting Josephson Circuits. 

      Osberg, Brendan (University of Waterloo, 2009-09-03)
      Superconducting circuits have recently become a major contender for the implementation of quantum computers owing to their compatibility with existing microchip fabrication technologies. Their utility stems largely from ...
    • Quantum Optoelectronic Detection and Mixing in the Nanowire Superconducting Structure 

      Yan, Zhizhong (University of Waterloo, 2010-01-20)
      The recent advancement of superconducting nano devices has allowed for making a Superconducting Nanowire Single Photon Detector (SNSPD), whose extraordinary features have strongly motivated the research community to exploit ...
    • Quantum pre-geometry models for Quantum Gravity 

      Francesco, Caravelli (University of Waterloo, 2012-08-23)
      In this thesis we review the status of an approach to Quantum Gravity through lattice toy models, Quantum Graphity. In particular, we describe the two toy models introduced in the literature and describe with a certain ...
    • Quantum Probings of Curved Spacetimes 

      Cong, Wan (University of Waterloo, 2021-08-10)
      This thesis is divided into two parts. The first part studies the response of Unruh DeWitt detectors in different spacetimes. One of the main goals here is to demonstrate that Unruh DeWitt detectors can detect spacetime ...


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