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    • S'more then just fun and games: Teachers' perceptions on the educational value of camp programs for school groups 

      Feldberg, Hannah-Ruth (University of Waterloo, 2011-05-03)
      Learning does occur at camp, but what kind of learning? And do what participants learn at camp transfer to other parts of a young persons’ life after the camp experience? This evaluation research study was designed to ...
    • The Safe and Sexy Project: The sexual-health needs and knowledge of street involved and homeless youth living in Hamilton, Ontario. 

      Vibert, Michelle (University of Waterloo, 2010-06-17)
      BACKGROUND: Youth continue to be at high risk for STI and HIV transmission and unplanned pregnancies because of their liberal approach to sexual-health and their susceptibility toward engaging in risky activities. Youth ...
    • Safe, Quiet and Durable Pavement Surfaces 

      Ahammed, Mohammad Alauddin (University of Waterloo, 2009-03-06)
      Skidding contributes to up to 35% of wet pavement accidents. Pavement surface friction therefore is an important component of highway safety. The skid resistance also varies seasonally and reduces over time due to surface ...
    • Safety Effects of Preventative Maintenace: Microsurfacing : A Case Study 

      Erwin, Tara Christine (University of Waterloo, 2007-09-19)
      Various North American transportation agencies have implemented several preventative maintenance techniques to improve pavement performance and safety. The Region of York, located north east of Toronto, Ontario, has been ...
    • Salt Mass Balance Study and Plant Physiological Responses for an Enhanced Salt Phytoremediation System 

      Zhong, Han (University of Waterloo, 2011-07-11)
      Salinity is one of the most severe environmental factors that limits global crop yield. Enhanced phytoremediation using plant growth promoting rhizobacteria (PGPR) has proven to be an effective and environmentally responsible ...
    • Salvage Montage 

      da Silva, Catia Marisa Costa (University of Waterloo, 2009-09-09)
      This thesis proposes a reinterpretation of assumptions towards material value. It is a positive argument in favour of adaptive re-use, not only as a means to divert waste but also as encouragement to reconsider our current ...
    • Salvaging on the Coast of Erebus Bay: An Analysis of Inuit Interaction with Material from the Franklin Expedition 

      Thacher, Dana (University of Waterloo, 2018-01-02)
      Over the course of the 19th century, many European explorers sailed in search of a Northwest Passage through the Canadian Arctic. These journeys brought them into territory occupied by Inuit, who both traded with the ...
    • Sample size effect in ultrasonic testing of geomaterials - numerical and experimental study 

      Berube, Simon (University of Waterloo, 2008-05-21)
      Nondestructive evaluation of civil structures is of increasing interest to utility owners. Several methods exist to evaluate different properties of concrete, pavement, cemented sands and others. UPVM is the most commonly ...
    • Sampled-Data Control of Invariant Systems on Exponential Lie Groups 

      McCarthy, Philip James (University of Waterloo, 2019-08-28)
      This thesis examines the dynamics and control of a class of systems furnished by kinematic systems on exponential matrix Lie groups, when the plant evolves in continuous-time, but whose controller is implemented in ...
    • Sampling Time Jitter 

      Seifi, Seyed Mohammad Ehsan (University of Waterloo, 2013-01-23)
      Electrical systems which use voltage transitions to represent timing information suffer from a degrading phenomenon called timing jitter. Sampling time jitter is the deviation of sampling clock from its ideal position. As ...
    • Sampling-based Program Execution Monitoring 

      Ba, Yanmeng (University of Waterloo, 2010-08-30)
      For its high overall cost during product development, program debugging is an important aspect of system development. Debugging is a hard and complex activity, especially in time-sensitive systems which have limited ...
    • Sampling-Window Based Approach for Fire Gas Analysis of Rigid Foams 

      Jones, Bryn (University of Waterloo, 2013-08-22)
      A sampling-window based approach was developed to collect and analyze the gases evolved during fire performance testing using the cone calorimeter. For this purpose, a Fourier Transform Intra-red (FTIR) Spectroscopy system ...
    • Santa Claus, Machine Scheduling and Bipartite Hypergraphs 

      Jay, Andrew (University of Waterloo, 2020-01-10)
      Here we discuss two related discrete optimization problems, a prominent problem in scheduling theory, makespan minimization on unrelated parallel machines, and the other a fair allocation problem, the Santa Claus problem. ...
    • SAR Remote Sensing of Canadian Coastal Waters using Total Variation Optimization Segmentation Approaches 

      Kwon, Tae-Jung (University of Waterloo, 2011-04-29)
      The synthetic aperture radar (SAR) onboard Earth observing satellites has been acknowledged as an integral tool for many applications in monitoring the marine environment. Some of these applications include regional sea-ice ...
    • Satellite Dynamics in Dark Matter Halos 

      Kamiab, Farbod (University of Waterloo, 2010-09-01)
      I have used an analytic model of tidal interactions to predict the evolution of a substructure in a static dark matter halo. Given the initial conditions of the satellite and background halo, the model predicts with high ...
    • Satellite observations of lake surface state to improve weather forecasting in a lake-rich region 

      Kheyrollah Pour, Homa (University of Waterloo, 2015-04-30)
      The thermal and dynamic properties of water bodies are important factors affecting the structure of the atmospheric boundary layer which stores and transports energy and mass. The storage and heat transfer of lakes play ...
    • Saturated and vadose zone fate and transport of a continuously released tracer in a sub-arctic bog peatland 

      Balliston, Nicole (University of Waterloo, 2017-02-22)
      In Ontario’s James Bay Lowland, sub-arctic bog and fen peatlands make up 90% of the landscape. Increasing resource extraction operations in this area pose a risk of contaminant release into these systems, both intentional ...
    • Saving Electrical Energy in Commercial Buildings 

      Case, Ryan (University of Waterloo, 2012-08-27)
      With the commercial and institutional building sectors using approximately 29% and 34% of all electrical energy consumption in Canada and the United States, respectively, saving electrical energy in commercial and institutional ...
    • São Paulo: An Ecological View Of A Theatre For Modernity 

      Gomes, Fausto (University of Waterloo, 2006)
      Future challenges for human civilization, especially in the developing world, will increasingly be characterized by both an urban and global condition. What will be the response by design in the face of the implications ...
    • Scala with Explicit Nulls 

      Nieto Rodriguez, Abel (University of Waterloo, 2019-12-20)
      The Scala programming language unifies the object-oriented and functional styles of programming. One common source of errors in Scala programs is null references. In this dissertation, I present a modification to the Scala ...


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