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    • Folding Orthogonal Polyhedra 

      Sun, Julie (University of Waterloo, 1999)
      In this thesis, we study foldings of orthogonal polygons into orthogonal polyhedra. The particular problem examined here is whether a paper cutout of an orthogonal polygon with fold lines indicated folds up into a simple ...
    • Some Problems in One-Operator Scheduling 

      Baki, Mohammed Fazle (University of Waterloo, 1999)
      A flexible workforce or a versatile machine is employed to perform various types of operations. Often these resources are associated with setups. Whenever a worker or machine switches from processing one type of operation ...
    • Multi-Resolution Approximate Inverses 

      Bridson, Robert (University of Waterloo, 1999)
      This thesis presents a new preconditioner for elliptic PDE problems on unstructured meshes. Using ideas from second generation wavelets, a multi-resolution basis is constructed to effectively compress the inverse of the ...
    • Efficient Analysis for Nonlinear Effects and Power Handling Capability in High Power HTSC Thin Film Microwave Circuits 

      Tang, Hongzhen (University of Waterloo, 2000)
      In this study two nonlinear analysis methods are proposed for investigation of nonlinear effects of high temperature superconductive(HTSC) thin film planar microwave circuits. The MoM-HB combination method is based on ...
    • A Study of the Automatic Speech Recognition Process and Speaker Adaptation 

      Stokes-Rees, Ian James (University of Waterloo, 2000)
      This thesis considers the entire automated speech recognition process and presents a standardised approach to LVCSR experimentation with HMMs. It also discusses various approaches to speaker adaptation such as MLLR and ...
    • Fundamental Characteristics of Turbulent Opposed Impinging Jets 

      Stan, Gheorghe (University of Waterloo, 2000)
      A fundamental study of two turbulent directly opposed impinging jets in a stagnant ambient fluid, unconfined or uninfluenced by walls is presented. By experimental investigation and numerical modeling, the main characteristics ...
    • An Adaptive Ecosystem Approach to Rehabillitation and Management of the Cooum River Environmental System in Chennai, India 

      Bunch, Martin (University of Waterloo, 2000)
      This research investigates the application of an adaptive ecosystem approach to the problem of the Cooum River and environs in Chennai (formerly Madras), India. The Cooum River is an extremely polluted urban stream that ...
    • Variational Spectral Analysis 

      Sendov, Hristo (University of Waterloo, 2000)
      We present results on smooth and nonsmooth variational properties of {it symmetric} functions of the eigenvalues of a real symmetric matrix argument, as well as {it absolutely symmetric} functions of the singular values ...
    • A survey on Traitor Tracing Schemes 

      Chen, Jason (University of Waterloo, 2000)
      When intellectual properties are distributed over a broadcast network, the content is usually encrypted in a way such that only authorized users who have a certain set of keys, can decrypt the content. Some authorized ...
    • A survey of the trust region subproblem within a semidefinite framework 

      Fortin, Charles (University of Waterloo, 2000)
      Trust region subproblems arise within a class of unconstrained methods called trust region methods. The subproblems consist of minimizing a quadratic function subject to a norm constraint. This thesis is a survey of ...
    • Finite Field Multiplier Architectures for Cryptographic Applications 

      El-Gebaly, Mohamed (University of Waterloo, 2000)
      Security issues have started to play an important role in the wireless communication and computer networks due to the migration of commerce practices to the electronic medium. The deployment of security procedures requires ...
    • Analysis and Design of Lossless Bi-level Image Coding Systems 

      Guo, Jianghong (University of Waterloo, 2000)
      Lossless image coding deals with the problem of representing an image with a minimum number of binary bits from which the original image can be fully recovered without any loss of information. Most lossless image coding ...
    • A Framework for Machine-Assisted Software Architecture Validation 

      Lichtner, Kurt (University of Waterloo, 2000)
      In this thesis we propose a formal framework for specifying and validating properties of software system architectures. The framework is founded on a model of software architecture description languages (ADLs) and uses ...
    • Analytical Methods for the Performance Evaluation of Binary Linear Block Codes 

      Chaudhari, Pragat (University of Waterloo, 2000)
      The modeling of the soft-output decoding of a binary linear block code using a Binary Phase Shift Keying (BPSK) modulation system (with reduced noise power) is the main focus of this work. With this model, it is possible ...
    • On the Solution of the Hamilton-Jacobi Equation by the Method of Separation of Variables 

      Bruce, Aaron (University of Waterloo, 2000)
      The method of separation of variables facilitates the integration of the Hamilton-Jacobi equation by reducing its solution to a series of quadratures in the separable coordinates. The case in which the metric tensor is ...
    • A Predictive Control Method for Human Upper-Limb Motion: Graph-Theoretic Modelling, Dynamic Optimization, and Experimental Investigations 

      Seth, Ajay (University of Waterloo, 2000)
      Optimal control methods are applied to mechanical models in order to predict the control strategies in human arm movements. Optimality criteria are used to determine unique controls for a biomechanical model of the human ...
    • Inorganic Phosphor Coatings for Ultraviolet Responsive Image Detectors 

      Franks, Wendy (University of Waterloo, 2000)
      Typical CCD digital imaging sensors are insensitive to ultraviolet ( UV ) radiation by virtue of the very shallow ( 2 nm ) penetration depth in silicon. This warrants the use of a post-packaging coating to up-covert the ...
    • Load Balancing Schemes for Distributed Real-Time Interactive Virtual World Simulations 

      Cunningham, Ian Joseph (University of Waterloo, 2000)
      Over the last several years, there has been tremendous growth in online gaming (i. e. playing games over the internet). The Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) is one type of online game. An ...
    • Stabilization of Discrete-time Systems With Bounded Control Inputs 

      Jamak, Anes (University of Waterloo, 2000)
      In this paper we examine the stabilization of LTI discrete-time systems with control input constraints in the form of saturation nonlinearities. This kind of constraint is usually introduced to simulate the effect of ...
    • Matrix Formulations of Matching Problems 

      Webb, Kerri (University of Waterloo, 2000)
      Finding the maximum size of a matching in an undirected graph and finding the maximum size of branching in a directed graph can be formulated as matrix rank problems. The Tutte matrix, introduced by Tutte as a representation ...


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