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Recent Submissions

  • Driedger, Alexander (2015-07-03)
    Pollution by plastic debris is an increasing environmental concern in the Laurentian Great Lakes: it affects open-water, shoreline, and benthic environments. Many plastics degrade slowly in the environment and may have ...
  • Huang, Po-Jung Jimmy (2015-06-26)
    In vitro selection of metal-specific DNAzymes has been shown to be a powerful method to obtain biosensors for metal ion detection. With 14 independent in vitro selection experiments using each of the trivalent lanthanide ...
  • Yuan, Ye (2015-06-25)
    We introduce a new formulation for the tree-level S-matrix in theories of massless particles. Sitting at the core of this formulation are the scattering equations, which yield a map from the kinematics of a scattering ...
  • Drolle, Elizabeth (2015-06-19)
    Amyloid beta peptides are known to form amyloid fibrils which are implicated in more than 20 currently incurable neurodegenerative diseases, including Alzheimer’s, Huntington’s and Parkinson’s. The proposed mechanism of ...
  • Crone, Joshua (2015-06-18)
    Hydrogen spillover represents one of the most promising avenues to achieve hydrogen storage at the density required for transportation applications. The spillover phenomenon, however, is a topic of much debate, with many ...

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