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This Faculty of Mathematics community has been established to house collections of electronic research created within the Faculty. The community may contain sub-communities or a variety of journal or research collection.

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  • Marcott, Cameron (University of Waterloo, 2015-08-28)
    Classical Schur-Weyl duality relates the representation theory of the general linear group to the representation theory of the symmetric group via their commuting actions on tensor space. With the goal of studying Kronecker ...
  • Ruiz Lopez, Luis A (University of Waterloo, 2015-08-28)
    In 2015, Ducas and Micciancio presented a novel technique to compute the NAND gate using the Learning With Errors cryptosystem (LWE), along with a novel bootstrapping technique that turns turns this cryptosystem into a ...
  • Otero, Daniel (University of Waterloo, 2015-08-27)
    In a few words, this thesis is concerned with two alternative approaches to imag- ing, namely, Function-valued Mappings (FVMs) and Structural Similarity Index Measure (SSIM)-based Optimization. Briefly, a FVM is a mathematical ...
  • Yamagishi, Shuntaro (University of Waterloo, 2015-08-27)
    We collected several results in integers of additive number theory and translated to results in F_q[t]. The results we collected are related to slim exceptional sets and the asymptotic formula in Waring's problem, a ...
  • Alam Khan, Md Mashrur (University of Waterloo, 2015-08-26)
    Internet applications are deployed on the same network infrastructure, yet they have diverse performance and functional requirements. The Internet was not originally designed to support the diversity of current applications. ...

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