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This Faculty of Mathematics community has been established to house collections of electronic research created within the Faculty. The community may contain sub-communities or a variety of journal or research collection.

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  • Xiao, Rui (2015-04-27)
    K-theory is the study of a collection of abelian groups that are invariant to C*-algebras or to locally compact Hausdorff spaces. These groups are useful for distinguishing C*-algebras and topological spaces, and they are ...
  • Guo, Chuan (2015-04-22)
    Fingerprinting codes were introduced by Boneh and Shaw in 1998 as a method of copyright control. The desired properties of a good fingerprinting code has been found to have deep connections to combinatorial structures such ...
  • Chollak, Devin (2015-04-22)
    Over the years many techniques have been proposed to infer programming rules in order to improve software reliability. The techniques use violations of these programming rules to detect software defects. This thesis ...
  • Wesolowski, Michael (2015-04-20)
    This thesis investigates the efficiency of batching the verification of elliptic curve signatures. The first signature scheme considered is a modification of ECDSA proposed by Antipa et al.\ along with a batch verification ...
  • Mehrabian, Abbas (2015-04-20)
    The so-called 'small-world phenomenon', observed in many real-world networks, is that there is a short path between any two nodes of a network, whose length is much smaller that the network's size, typically growing as a ...

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