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Recent Submissions

  • Svenson, Stephen Robert (2015-06-29)
    This dissertation addresses shortcomings in the sociological study of leisure through providing a new conceptual approach for understanding human action and meaning making. It reformulates leisure as the leisure imaginary, ...
  • Nyhout, Angela (2015-06-18)
    Narratives are ubiquitous in human experience. They are the bestsellers we read on the beach, the news stories we read online, and, most commonly, the anecdotes we hear from our friends and family. Narrative comprehension ...
  • Jagielska, Agata (2015-06-01)
    Ce projet de pastiche a commencé à l’été 2014 pendant mon cours indépendant avec le professeur François Paré sur les œuvres de Jacques Poulin. Mon récit, dont les premières pages ont été écrites pendant ce cours, s’inspire ...
  • Dayton, Robert (2015-05-21)
    Outta This World is a multidisciplinary show comprised of drawing, video, music, performance and installation. It was initiated by my interest in the concept of the nation-state, more particularly Canada, and the way it ...
  • Xiong, Tracy (2015-05-07)
    Research on culture and creativity has shown cultural differences in creative performance among Western and Eastern individuals such that Westerners consistently outperform Easterners on certain creative tasks. Theorists ...

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